Out From The Black Forest.

Monday, July 4, 2011


So I'm back. Sorry I've been gone for two months. I feel great, despite the fact that I have little to no Idea where I am. Sure the door is locked from the outside and I can't get out. Sure I don't have any access to my powers right now. Sure the Wifi signal is incredibly weak. The point is I'm alive.

Can someone tell me what exactly is going on. I hear fireworks outside. According to my last post I left in May and now it's the Fourth of July. And who the hell is posting on my blog??

Wait, that was rude. How IS everyone doing? Dead? 'live? Mad? Raging?

Man it's cold in here. No matter how many times I bang on this door no-one is answering. Tiny, dinky little room with a crappy light. I'm bored and hungry, and a little confused.

Edit: PS, why doesn't it say Hellfire where my name should be anymore?

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Ouch. That's got to sting.

Reduced back down to nothing. I have completed my quest. I think I'll conform to stereotypes and begin Blogging.

Thursday, May 5, 2011


Remember that Spear I mentioned a little while back? The one that had He and I shaking in our boots?(Not that I wear boots. Boots wouldn't go with my SHORT SHORTS). Well there's more than one. We destroyed one and the others... I think I know who took them. Not Darky, no, it was that fucking red head from that fight. She and her brother must've gotten a hold of it sometime before said fight, otherwise Big D would have taken it I'm sure. Then again, He mentioned that when that spear comes in contact with Those Like Us it burns relentlessly. Injuries delivered upon to us cannot be healed as per usual. So that means she couldn't have taken it, I mean wouldn't it hurt her hand? I probably should have paid more attention when he was explaining the entire thing.

But anyway, as to how I know, well I saw her. Out by the woods. We looked right at each other, and it was impossible to miss that God Forsaken weapon in her hand. I cannot believe I let her escape. I cannot believe that I'm going to die. She's going to come after me. I know it. Oh God I going to die. No, no I'm suppose to be immortal. I don't die. I don't curl up and die. I'm Hellfire. I'm Yggdrasil. I'm a god. I'm invincible. Wait, okay, I have an idea. I'll find her before she finds me. I'll STEAL the element of surprise.

Saturday, April 30, 2011

Wouldn't it suck if...

It just like started POURING. If it. If it just like, started RAINING IT'S [dedacted] ASS OFF.(excuse my language)

...Dear God...I hope I didn't jinx this shit. I could never face Brennon or Aiden again.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Well it's Good to be Back.

Did you know every time you use the stick it ditches your ass? At first I thought I just lost it when I went to It's little castle pocket world(he's got a dungeon full of "special" kids from all over. Pretty decent collection, absolutely fabulous, I'm talking like, melt in your mouth fabulous).

Anyway I was starting to freak out, I thought I'd never get back again, the trees are all black over on his side so it's difficult to know exactly which stick is which. Luckily the stick changes color depending on which side you're on. Black here, white over there.

But now that I escaped, I lost the damn thing, I was only planning to use it to get away from his...whatever they're called. I wanted to go back. I'll find it eventually though, after I curl up for a nice, well deserved, mind altering, wonderful, nap.

Saturday, April 23, 2011


So I figured out what T.D.O's been hiding. They're like, some sort of mutated human. SSpecial humans that he's taken interest in, not humans that we barbecue up.

They're charcoal black, twisted and deformed. No head but lots of eyes on their distorted mangled bodies. Long arms. And...weird teeth.

Fox did you know about these things? If so please tell me how to run away from one. Rapido por favor.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011


I'm lost. I've been stuck in this crazy fucking...other world, and I can't find my way around and He's taking longer to get here then I thought. BUT, on the upside, I've got Wifi. Yeah don't ask me how that works because if you do, and I ever meet you, I'll hit you.

So...what's up peoples?

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Season 3: Tommorow Never Suits Up and Dies Again Forever for the First Time/The very definately final season that redeems the second season but still cannot really hold a candle to the first and has lost some viewers because of went down during the second season.

I'm prepared to use the stick now. I had gotten over my fear of using it a long time ago actually, the reason I hadn't blogged about it's powers is because, well, it didn't work.  Now you remember how Black Leaf or Allen had mentioned how each place has it's own sub realm? Well the Black Stick is suppose to open up a special sub-realm, but wouldn't do it over in Aiden's neck of the woods. At first I was boggled, so I tried to kill some time by trying to find out who Fakelight was, so I began to re-read The Network. Then it hit me. Schwarzwald. I have no Idea if that's what he/she was trying to get across, but I decided to try it anyway. Yeah I went to Germany. The black stick only works in the Black Forest. Makes sense right? I've used it, yeah, I'm staring into the portal right now. Just thought I'd get this post out of the way just in case I couldn't do it later.


Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Mmm Well

Probably going to say goodbye now. I've been wracking my brain trying to work horror into this action esque story for longer than you may think. I don't want to be the guy who stubbornly stands by what he knows is a steaming pile of crap.

It was fun writing this. But regardless Kelly Rosen can't just keep surviving forever, that sort of defeatys the point of his memories returning.

Uh, hmm. Well I don't think I'll very much leave the Mythos, but I'll at least come back when I'm a better writer(and to anyone saying "That'll never happen" in their heads right now, anything is possible with some effort, so keep those comments where they are;in your head).

So I'm going to clear up anything any one of my 36 followers may have been confused about.

Kelly is not a human with Slender Man powers.

Kelly is not a young Slender Man.

Kelly is indeed the Slender Man. He's wasn't formed as a seperate Tulpa, the thing I was implying was that he and five others where up-chucked from Slendy due to Tulpa twisting and distorting him in ways he could no longer handle on his own. Now. Aiden may be going for the Hatchling thing, and if that's the case I'm not going to force him to comply with this. And to anyone who dislikes this concept and is using the Dark One or ///It/// then feel free to say "Different Dark One'' or feel free to call Copper and Chrome fictional I won't protest.

Anyway, two of the pieces got absorbed into C&C's Dark One. Eventually I do plan for Kelly to permanantly re-merge with the Original Slendy, soon in fact, not eventually. I don't know about the ending though. I may post a poll asking who you think should absorb whom.

C&C's Slendy absorbing C&C's Dark One or the other way around. So I'll just get to making that poll right about now.

Edit: Oh and The Beast, well he never had a role in the story, his entire existance was suppose to work out like a "Now there's another monster on the loose" sort of thing. So if you were wondering about him, now you know. Meh even if Gen 4 sucks there's always hope for Gen 5 getting back into the horror, just like Gen V in Pokemon took a fresh start. I don't imagine that those Blogs would  have to ignore old characters like Gen V does, but maybe they will. Gives me the thought that they might write most of the old blogs off as fictional till the end. Y'know actually someone link me to a Blog like that, sounds like it'd be fun to read.

Monday, April 11, 2011

The Hunt

Is fucking awesome. I met up with a bunch of Proxy's at one of their houses. I half expected Star would be there, no such luck but aaaaaaah if I had done what I wanted to do to him(BUSTIN YOUR BAAAAAAAAAAALLS)
he probably would've hurt me. . .badly.

Anyway we've just been running around following and messing with these kids wherever they went, then I made it look like I'd leave them alone if they killed their friend who seemed to be acting as the head of the group. They did. Then later that night Nil comes in like a total fucking bad ass, stabs the chick in the eye, and Shark(who I haven't seen in what feels like forever) and Acid dog in on the other two.

Man you should've been there. You should've been there.

Edit: To any friends of Jake and Pollux Caster, Charlie Simmons, and  Susan Parker: Nananabooboo. I'm better than you, you. Stick your head in doo doo.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

You just got JACKED. Beoooooooootch.

So....what's a gamejackeR? I have a pretty good idea but I juuuuuuust wanna be sure.

To anyone reading, Live in the Light...why do I want to be friends with the epicness that IS Ben.

His latest post:http://liveinthelightfight.blogspot.com/2011/04/list-of-slices-blogs-and-my-thoughts.html


Oi! The fuck?

Someone's blog just up and vanished. MYSTEEEEEEEEEEEEERIOUS butnotreally.


I got the stick. Haven't used it yet though.

Yeah "Scared as shit" is a nice term to use for why I haven't used it.

I've been trying to avoid Aiden, Dean, and Candice as much as possible because well. . .things were said over Blogger. Things people should really say in person.

Yeah. . . I've got to find a way to bust Dean's balls as easy as Morningstar for the ''creepy tentacle boy ''thing. I'll think of something. But for now I'm going to sleep, I've been up all night running around with Proxies and Agents and I'm tired.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011


Hooraaaaaaaaaaay. Go Medium. Wish I could talk to Ghost.

Anyway, I'm on my way to Aiden's to get the "stick" from Todd whenever he shows up. Maybe he's already there.

Yeah so . . .I changed my password. I have NO idea where last post came from.

Naomi's new cure is apparently working. I wonder how long it'll last. It comes from a constant source (not someone's fucking BLOOD) so it probably won't cease to work when someone dies, but good luck managing not to kill a decent number of Proxies using it.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011


We remembered, just like that, and we sought each other out on the road.

Imagine if you will an ancient being, devouring fear like an unlimited energy source. Thriving off paranoia.

Near all-powerful, the bane of human-kind. It's source of life never being extinguished.

Now imagine it's one weakness something so simple. The more you think of this being that lives off your fear the more pain you cause it. The more you twist it in and out of shape.

To get rid of it's weakness what does it do? It attempts. To slice. It out.

And what does the largest chunk do once both entities have their weakness removed forever NO...turned into power? It rips more of itself out of the original.

Five pieces to be exact. Sucking them of the life force they need to thrive until they're barely able to cling to the human realm, then running off but not before doing the same to the original.

Dark One. Dark One is what they called it. It cast a more ominous and vicious shadow then the original.

The original puts these five other chunks into it's home realm to thrive for centuries. Why did he not reabsorb these pieces of his being? Because they were weak, why absorb a weak piece when that piece can grow and become stronger. What delays the process of their growth? Dark One? He acts as a siphon yes.

Enter the nineteen hundreds, its time. They've been ejected because at this time they'd be far more likely to grow outside of their home realm than they would inside. No siphon in the Human realm. A realm the original dubbed "Reality". Go figure.

Imagine one of the pieces reconnecting with the original. For hundreds of years a power gone unseen resurfaces. The Original One. Now imagine once more if you will The Original One confronting three of it's former pieces. Red girl, blue boy, DARK ONE! DARK ONE! DARK ONE!

The other piece being assimilated into his MIGHTY and VICIOUS shadow long ago.

The Original One makes quick work of the younger of the two pieces leaving them without consciousness for a great deal of the battle and proceeding onto the first piece. Then! Like that! The first piece takes into itself the blue boy. Gone. And now the DARK ONE has become mightier.

Quickly. The Proxy nearby follows The Original One's orders and proceeds to take the Red girl. Running off whereabouts unknown to the DARK ONE DARK ONE DARK ONE.

You cannot imagine knowing exactly how to get someone. Knowing the fear of everyone you've ever hunted down. Every single VERMIN  on this website, feeling the memory of the delicious bones of children drive you forward, and then having that robbed from you due to the massive power output of.  .  .THE DARK ONE.


God that sucked. What sucked? Fuck you, you don't deserve to know.

Todd tell me if you found the twig.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Now I realize.

I must. . .go back.

Thrust into existence with false memories when the prey theorized that, perhaps, the predator could be human in some way.

I was never meant to be.

I will return. To re-merge with who I once was.

The tall one shall be one again.

It's the only way to get back on track.

Right so...

Little mad right now. Dad up and killed Aiden's parents. Doesn't concern me, but it certainly makes things really complicated.

Alright well, time to go find him. I sure as hell hope Todd's good for something and brings me that twig or else our "conversation" will be cut short.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Physics is now your bi-

I wonder why I didn't fall off of Aiden and Brennon's roof while I was asleep.

Y'know I thought having these powers would make these crappy dreams go away. And all Dad had to say to that was "That was a weird one."

Funny, him talking is usually followed by getting your shit broke.

Anyway, short update is short. Peace.

Friday, April 1, 2011


Kelly and Aiden went to get some stuff about fifty minutes ago.

What could possibly be bad about that? They're coming back right?

Regardless I'm left here alone with Ygg's "dad" looking through the window at me. Its weird. I'm so scared I didn't log out from Ygg's laptop. He hates when I do this. Dang why is he just sitting there? I thought he was suppose to be far more aggressive then master.

 He took my powers, and then continued to torture me, so why is he here now? Didn't he get his fill?

I'm walking away.


Thursday, March 31, 2011

Monty on the Run

We've just gotten back, and I've been checking blog post via sub realms but uh. . .

I didn't see Brennon's post still didn't show up till we got back to his and Aiden's place.

Okay, I'm fairly creeped out now.

Hurry and check up on him dude. I'll be there in a few.


Have you seen this yet?

Yeah I read it twelve minutes ago. Sending one of mine out to investigate, Acid.

It's impossible to fuck this up, even for Peter, I just need him to check out the scene where Todd and Brennon found Aiden.

Nil's asleep still, and I don't plan on waking him up anytime soon.

Get better Aiden. And yeah uh, sorry.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Fuck this!

Well it's getting late. . .I hope he still wants us to come inside. Why am I scared of the dark?

Never you mind

(not us but hey I like photos.)
Sorry for uh the false alarm Slice.

So after Nil's comment I tried tracking him mentally(which failed before) and found him. Long story short Dad de-rev'd him. If he was ever a Revenant...

Anyway he was waiting outside of a 7 11 with Slendy.

Me: Unc.

S:Why are you not with Aiden?

Me: I uh. . .came to get Nil.(yeah flat lie.)

Nil: Uhm well now that you're both here. . could you do me a favor?

Me: Yeah?

Nil*he opes the door and walks inside* GRAB AS MANY SNACKS AS YOU CAN AND RUN.

At first I didn't know what to do while he shoveled those 1 dollar sodas into his arms, but pretty soon I was snatching up brownies and all kinds of Starbust and shit before Slender stepped in.


And just like that the three of us were back in Ohio outside of Aiden's place in a pile of brownies, fruit snacks, and soda.

I'm using the Sub Realms to get WI-FI and I have been for an hour because like hell I'm going back in there. If Slendy thinks he can bitch me like Aiden he can suck on a fat one.

So...long story short I've gotten my best friend back...FUCK YES.

Edit: Turns out Nil can't post for whatever reason. Dad? Iunno. I'ma let him post here.


Yeah I know I need to tell everyone what happened with another Heaven's Grace, I'll do it later.

I'm getting out of here, fuck it. I don't need to be picked apart under some microscope and called obsessed. I'm going . . .somewhere I don't know.

Peace. Go to hell. Whatever, bye.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The Old School

This is fricken epic.

So, it would appear that a few older bloggers have come back. Apparently they're off the deep end and are after Runners . I think this is pretty cool.

Now hold on a second and let me explain why.

Everyone who's ever put their hope into these people is now being hunted by them(though in the case of Fizzbomb I highly doubt she's telling the truth whens he says she has to kill people now.)

Now, another reason for why this is cool. None of the actual Proxies have to do anything, meaning the now just-as-bad-as-them Runners may still be able to contribute to the death toll. But not before taking out their former heroes first.

It's a pretty boss move all things considered. I wonder exactly how long this has been planned? Hell it may not have been planned in the least, it may have just been one of those spur of the moment choices.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Fuck YEAH!

Aiden has recently purchased for me a Rock Leone.
Along with the great

Lemme see if I can find a picture of Flame Bull real quick. . .

Eh not a good pic, but the point is I FINALLY have another Flame Bull. My last one was. . .utterly destroyed. I'd rather not talk about it.

And the best part: Cyber FUCKING Pegasus.

Heaven's Grace Part 1

I'm still sleepy but I'd best get this out of the way.

Meet Diamond. Thank goodness for the Internet because I don't have a camera(anymore...) and I don't feel like asking for one so I can't really take a picture of the mask, but this is an exact replica.

This is more or less a copy of my vest save for the those lines and the yellow letters. I also have an Operator Symbol on the back of mine because I'm a fucking bad ass. I got it from Black Leaf.

And here's the moniker, along with the Mask I got these from the Proxy house were Mad Axe attacked me.

These aren't an exact replica, I have ones with green Operator Symbols on the palm and mine don't have that strip on the back.

These along with some other normal clothes make up the "Diamond" Proxy disguise and. . .you know what? Fuck this I'm sleepy. I'll put Part 1 in the title and continue later.


I'm back at Aiden's place.

And I'm never acting like a super hero ever again.

Good Morning and good fucking Night.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Diamond Dust

Ah yeah, sorry for disappearing Aiden. I'm coming back in a few.

Y'know my Proxy disguise? Diamond?

Yeah well I had to suit up again, for. . .something.

It's nothing really. Nothing at all.. .

Okay that's a lie. I was investigating Nil again to no avail.

I'm depressed as fuck.


I don't know why I felt the need to schedule this message...

So Aiden's siblings have arrived.

I almost thought they were them. They might be but I doubt it for some reason. The two other Hatchlings. I had a suspicion they would be twins because life is like that sometimes.

Well Slendy doesn't know. He knows we've never met them or we would've died apparently, but he doesn't know who they are.

I had a talk with Dad last night, managed to slip away last night into the Backyard. I don't. . .really care if anyone saw me.

T.D.O: Come we're going.

Me: Wait. . .no way in hell! I like it here. It's a Safe Haven.

T.D.O: Haven's are always destroyed eventually!

Me: Wow. . .that makes it sound like you're going to attempt to do something.

T.D.O: I do not attempt, I succeed!

Me: Cool story. Hey listen, do you know where Nil is?

T.D.O: Of course I do. I personally saw to it that you wouldn't see each other again.

Me: What!? What did you DO?

T.D.O: I ask the questions Hatchling. Don't step out of your place ANYMORE than you already HAVE!

At this point I really wanted to hurt him, and he knew it, he was egging me on, daring me to do something.

I didn't accept. I went back inside and tried to calm down.

Where the fucking hell is Nil? I swear if he's been killed I'll...

Saturday, March 26, 2011


Aiden's working on his art, so I suppose I'll post here.

That's a picture of Burn Fireblaze or Burn Phoenix(no this isn't what Aiden is drawing I don't know what he's working on EXACTLY). I stole one before I got here yesterday. It's a pretty cool stamina type. And well. . .I didn't STEAL it. I just left the money inside of the package and took the parts without going to the register. . . .SO I DID PAY.

I'm sort of bored though. Not that Brennon and Aiden aren't gracious host. It's just I want to actually USE this Bey.

Hmm I wonder if there's going to be an official tournament any time soon. Have there ever been? I'd be surprised if there haven't.

One Hundred and One.

I like Aiden. And I like sugar cookies.

A lot.

That is all.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Hellfire Part 2

Several hours before What? While I thought the others were sleeping.

I remember. That's when I met Daddy Dearest. The Dark One. ///It///

He was looking for his hatchling. And when Slender offered me up. He didn't like what he saw. Lashed out in anger, anger anger, so much rage.


Me: I don't understand. I thought.......I wait come on you're not my dad?

S: -shakes his head-

Me: And that. . him.. . .he's not native to Texas?

S-smacks the back of my head-

Me: I deserved that. I deserved that.

You know how everyone says Slender's voice is so smooth and melodic? I heard the exact opposite of that and it damn near made me wet myself.

T.D.O(the Dark One): You've spoiled him. He'll never mature correctly now. Where is my Hatchling!? I will. I will not be deprived of an heir! What have you done with him? Take your spawn away from my sight.

S: I've done nothing to spoil him, he will not heed my warnings, he will not listen, he sides with Prey of his Prey, against his own kin. No, not mine. Yours.

T.D.O: -shoves Slendy and grabs me by the hair dragging me over to a large lake a few inches from where we met. He had plans to drown me. And let me tell you he almost did.-

The Slender Man must've gotten me away from him at some point, because I felt my head being pulled up from water. But we were in a bathtub in my old apartment in Boston, I didn't say anything. I went back to the others.

We needed to get Ron and Cerberus out, and the Slender Man probably knew we were going to try to enter the ruins.

He gave me a blanket before he left. Not that I got any sleep.

Is it wrong to hope that Aiden's related to me in some way?

I despise being the only known Hatchling, it's not. . .fair that I have to get sucked into all of this crap. If Aiden were around...things would be a whole lot easier.

Thursday, March 24, 2011




kgfgji I don't  like kILLIng


cannotholdddddddddddddddddddddddOUT OUT OUT

~De Hellfire.

Hellfire Part 1

It's one of those Transcripts.

- - -

Three Hours after the discovery that the spear had been taken.

Me: Well that's it. You know, the thief if probably left Seattle, I'm willing to bet they're on Blogger.

S: It's just like the Black Times.

Me: You'll have to set aside a few hours for Story Time.

S: Impossible. You. Interested in the history of our kin?

Me: I'm mixing it up today. I feel different. Hey, out of curiosity how many are there. . .y'know like us.

S: You. Myself. Your father. And three others.

Me: Three?

S: Just three more you haven't met. In fact. . .I believe we should seek out our kin.

Me: Why? We need to look for that spear thing so we don't fucking die.

S: We most certainly will. The Hunt has already been interrupted far too many times, the Feast has been postponed, and this will not stand.

Me: Right. . .

S: I'm leaving this place. Come along if you'd like.

We then entered the Other Side and began heading. . .eastward I think.

Me: Where are we going?

S tilts his head to the side, and I can feel him digging around in my mind to find a certain word or concept.

S: We have. . .errands to run?

Me: Oh...that's going to suck isn't it.

S: I'm simply finishing up one of the prey.

Me: Oh I get it. Alright well. I'm going to have some fun.

S: Try not to go to the extreme when hunting.

Me: You have your concepts and I have mine. You go scare someone to death, I'll go rip some arms off, and we'll meet back in the woods.

He left and I exited the Other Side as well, growing in stature and watching my clothes melt into my skin and shift around until I was clad in a grey suit with a black tie. I made my facial features sink inside of my head along with my ears and closed my mouth.

I then proceeded to go on the wonderful killing spree I informed Morningstar of before his request.

I like killing. A lot. It's . . .an extraordinary feeling. To have someone's life hanging by a thread and then snipping said thread.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Out from the Bowels of Hell

Sorry for my freak out last post.

I realized that everyone made a post dedicated to Clyde Ross, also known as Cerberus.

I did not, so I'm making up for it now.

I found a video on YouTube that makes me think of Clyde, two actually. No I didn't post these.

Here be the corresponding songs.

And the second.

I miss Cerberus. I wonder what he'd think of me right now?



I'm so FUCKING awesome.

So much power it makes me shake!

It makes me wanna SHOUT!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The Grand Tour

You've got a new horizon.

It's ephemeral style.

A melancholy town were we never smile.

Noland's dreams, they've got to kiss because he don't get sleep. No.



As soon as I get on the road with Slender I lose all sense of morale. It's fun to kill, you should try it sometime. AND AND AND, it means I have a head start on the challenge Morningstar indirectly imposed on me.

One two three...

Okay that's eleven. Six runners, five people Slendy and I just found out camping. No I did NOT have any help. I'm a big boy after all.

 I'll get one more and I'll aim to make Noland the Thirteenth.


I noticed something about myself. I'm like a spoiled little teenage bitch trying to piss off daddy. Do I really even care if we win or lose?

WE? There's that word again. 

I'm tilting in-between. I'm not with the Runners.

I'm not with the Proxies.

I'm a liability to everyone.

And I think that gets me off.

Slendy's here. I woke up with him inches away from my face. It was freaky.

Anyway the two of us have work to do. Someone's found something that can hurt both of us severely. Believe me if this didn't convenience me in some way or another, I'd have no part of it. 


Edit: He won't even make a bargain for Nil's location. What. The. Fuck?

Monday, March 21, 2011


I know I just updated but that update was about a hottie, this is about me.

Well I can pull together the clothes from the Mansion and the clothes Black Leaf gave me back in Boston together for a Proxy disguise, it's getting late, so I'd better get dressed and roll out.

Pagua Sanpha. Pagua Sanpha.

To Clarify

Alexis Rhodes from Yugioh GX.


Mad Axe

So my search for Nil has taken a turn for the worse, I've delayed going back to my Hometown, which will remain, unnamed. Safety and all of that crap.

Anyway, I went back to the Proxy house that I was taken to after I was taken from Liam.

The entire place was deserted and it looked like a tornado had come through.

This was on the floor in front of the stairs, a lot of blood on it.

After walking around I realized I was not al(X)ne in the building and decided to go. It was a mansion, a very large place, easy to get lost in. When I got to the top of the stairs I saw a hulking brute, made of muscle with an axe that his hand made seem tiny. Anyway. He had a mask, wooden, designed like those theatre things that smile and frown, I DON'T KNOW. It was painted sky blue and tied snug onto  his face. And he saw me too, I know he did.

He charged me like a rocket, I have no idea how someone so big could be so fast. A major fight ensued between the two of us.

Mad Axe(which is what I'll call him.): *comes running up the stairs*PROXY!

Me:*panicking, ducking to avoid having my head cleaved off before sprinting down the hall* Woah! Chill! I'm not a Proxy.

MA: Proxy, PROXY!*he slices the banister in half , while I head through a door.* Die!

Me: *watching the door get cleaved in half*Holy shit! HOLY FUCKING SHIT! *I dive through another hallway connected by another door, winding up the master bedroom.*

MA:*is cutting through everything like butter, and eventually reaches me.*

Me: *barely evading the swings of this crazy man. *Wow, Okay is that all you got?

I was NOT in a boasting position, but I couldn't help myself.


Me: Do you see a man around?

At this time I reeled back my fist and shot it forward, not for a punch, but I opened my palm and released a tentacle from it which tore through the man like a bullet, a large bullet, before zooming back into me at a pace that made my hand sting when it closed up again.

MA: *Currently stunned and unable to move, he's just gapping at the bloody hole running through him as his knees shake.*

Me: I like to call that the Straight And Narrow.

MA: Proxy. Proxy.  .  .

Me: I regret that, my sudden burst of anger and fear made me lose control. In short, I'm stupid. I wanted to ask why you were charging me like an idiot, but it looks like you're losing too much blood. Well. . . damn this was quic-

He punched me in my gut which sent me staggering backwards onto the frankly destroyed bed. I have to say it was a nice bed  before the axe got to it.

MA:*gets to his feet clutching his chest, and rams be with his shoulder sending us onto the balcony, he attempted to do it again only for me to step to the side.*

Me:What the FUCK? He can move?*watching him fall to the ground from the balcony, and crawl away*

Me: Goddammit, hey wait up man come back.

I'm ashamed to say I let him flee into the woods, Slender's territory, MY territory too, it should have been cake to track him down before. .  .well you can sort of guess what happened. By the time I found him he was strung up in a tree by his own innards.

Me: Yo wait. . . up, GREAT! Cool, wow, I had questions I wanted to ask you. And now not even Slendy's around.  .  .this area is too populated, I've got to get the fuck out of here.

I went back to the mansion and dug around the place for a Proxy disguise before heading into the Other Side and coming up in Seattle. I know this may sound unbelievable given the circumstances but, I have to say Mad Axe is dead, I saw for myself. And to those who question the existence of Mad Axe, maybe my mind WAS playing tricks on me, all I know is that he was angry, and afraid. I've pretty much figured out the cause for the later and possibly the former too. I just. . .I wonder if he killed the Proxies that were housed at the Mansion.

Edit: And now I'm on the Lone Hunter's list. Cool. Cool.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Two of Braves


Where is he?

He isn't in the trailer where he and his proxies stayed during the hunt for the Blake siblings.

Nil couldn't have just dropped off the fucking MAP. DUDE, GET ON BLOGGER AND READ THIS. I've been looking around for two hours. I refuse to go to new states to search for you because that shit is too much fucking work. And if you DO make me search around for you, I'm going to bust you in the lip when I see you, dickweed. Now send me a comment on your location.


Well according to Reach there are no such thing as Revenants, then again, the Slender Man COULD be messing with him. I've never gotten the Revenant transformation right and I think. . .I think it's because the Slender Man has just been tricking me into beating people to a pulp and leaving them for dead.

I've never SEEN a conduit, so that's no shocker.

My powers are still fine, but Dennis hasn't talked to me in forever, and quite frankly I'd trade the tentacles for him.

I have to show Nil What You Are In The Dark, before I continue my travel plans. He's.  .  .well he's the only person who I feel like, appreciates me for me. I don't think he put up with me because of the Blogosphere, I mean, at first I did, but then we hung out more, and I actually feel like I have my first real friend.

Enough of this post, Gotta go!

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Divide By Zero

So I'm sure everyone has read Search And Reveal? Well if you haven't you're a jerk, and you need to right now, The Land of Black Leaves and Casting Aside My Sins plus Ron's blog also detail what happened during our rescue operation.

Another video was posted on Nil's YouTube channel asking what it's like in Boston? And "Don't you want to know where it came from?"

I'm heading to Europe. I've got some things I'd like to Investigate, and that would be the best Continent to start with, but I think I'll head home first, not to visit my parents, I'm not going to reveal what I'll be doing there. And to any Proxies who are so sure I'm going to visit my parents then just try to kill them. See if I care. The years of physical and verbal abuse I endured in that house make Slender Man and Red's vicious beatings look like a walk in the park, I could care less about anything you do to those people.

Anyway, Pete, Black Leaf, Slice, Ron, best of luck.

Same goes for you too, Kaiju, Matt, Liam, Johnathan, Shelby, Bran, Frap, Joce, Astrid, TJ, and God if I forgot anyone please forgive me. I want to keep this post short.

I guess there's nothing to say but peace out now huh?

Sincerely yours, Yggdrasil

Friday, March 18, 2011


Just another day in the life of me. It's three AM and I can't sleep. And I've been thinking that we've been Drinkin in hopes to maintain our sanity. Hey, maybe I'm a critic, a cynic, or am I crazy? Did they all hate me? Cause they pick me up and throw me down. It's makin my head spin round and round

Just another day in the life of me. It's three AM and I can't sleep. And I've been thinking that we've been Drinkin in hopes to maintain our sanity. Hey, maybe I'm a critic, a cynic, or am I crazy? Did they all hate me? Cause they pick me up and throw me down. It's makin my head spin round and round

Everything that I do is never good enough for you. Do my best, dress to impress, wear my heart out of my chest. Goin nowhere fast, I don't know where I'm at. When I say jump and you start jumping. Hey! We're on to something

No Way

In hell will I let Shark find out anything about Pete or Slice. Suck my lower left back tentacle if you want to be a grumpy old dickweed.

Anyway, I'm fine everyone, changed the password and all that. Ron. . .we'll save you.

Title Drop

Okay now this place is just Plane Crazy. . . . . . . . . . . 

Get it? This post is called Title Drop, and Plane Crazy is the title of an old Disney cartoon?

I think it's funny. 

Anyway, I can't seem to leave Boston, which is troublesome. I'm not LIKE you all, playing for the wrong team. No, I should be able to come and go when I please, but every single time I leave, I end up right back at this Hotel. 

Yes, it's the hotel Dead Leaf stayed in for quite some time before his eyes were opened. Yggdrasil is off playing with his little friends, and believe me if I could find him, I would. And end that little brat. I don't know why I brought him back here in the first place.

So, I was wondering how Luke, Alder, and Lilly were. Not that we really know each other, but if there's someone else out there bothered by these insufferable children then I'd like to talk. I'd love to talk.

 Sincerely, Shark.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011


Is the exact opposite of what's happening in Boston right now. Nil and Shark probably aren't going to be posting here anymore, now that I have my computer back. I was signed in constantly so. . .

Anyway that doesn't matter. I know Slice is still here and Pete's coming but Liam, are you still in Boston with Johnathan? If so, tell me as quick as you can. Slice man, I heard about Gwen, I don't. . .I just don't know what to say. So I won't say anything.

Clyde, I. . .I was no help at all. . .I'm sorry. I'll find you, if you're still alive.

Shark, get out of Boston if you can, Proxy, Revenant, Runner, Fighter, it doesn't matter, this isn't a safe place to be. I'd like it if you stayed safe as long as possible.

Alright, now I have something to do. I'm going to try to enter The Ruins. I just hope I'll last more than a few minutes. My side still hurts. . .

Dennis, get as far back into my mind as possible. Just in case.

Alright, I'm out. Peace.

Edit: Hehehehehe, I figured out the password. Hi everybody...Heeeeeeere's Sharky.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Deep Red

Have you ever tried driving an RV through the Other Side? Yggdrasil, another proxy(edit: My name is Shark dammit. S.H.A.R.K) , and I all have. It. Was. Awesome. We're in Boston now, and Yggdrasil is healing up nice. He can move so I guess I'll let him on the computer now. Bye everybody. . .everybody. Dammit Dennis.

Now it's time for a real post. From a real man.>:|

Hey guys, sorry I haven't been able to make anything more than a short update. Redlight took over my blog and actually commented with my account. It's, it's just making me angry. And now I have Empty Eyes leaving cryptic stuff about how he "Told her about me", on my Blog. It's not something about myself I feel like acknowledging, so could we all just keep away from the H word on Copper and Chrome? Please? Please?!
And can Nil stop throwing Jelly Beans at the back of my head, when I try to post dammit. It's infuriating. I can't use my powers unless I need to though, not unless I want to run the risk of messing with my (mild as fuck ) accelerated healing. That means no ass-whoopings from me today.

Dennis wants to talk a bit.

 Hi Everybody. . . Everybody. Everybody. OW. Do.Do.Do.OW. I'm hooked on that song. I won't let Kelly take it off of loop. How are you guys? Lemme know, quick, before I get worried.

- YggdrasilCore

Blank Point

Hey everybody! Nil here. I thought a lot of people read Copper and Chrome, and would be waiting for the next update, but it's just twenty four. Heh, Yggdrasil fails at life. Anyway, I don't really want him near the computer when he should be resting. We're on our way back to Boston. Hmm. Wait. I'm conveying this message to my teacher...but Yggdrasil is conveying this message to his friends. Weird

In other news, that Cerberus guy is in the hands of Al(X)ne. Look to my teacher's old Blog. Live in the Light has gone updateless according to what happened so far, but I doubt Slice will ignore what happened. I'll be here for a while so if anyone wants to talk just gimme a shout.

PS: Yggdrasil insulted my rhymes. You see what I have to put up with? This is the thanks I get for saving his hind end. . .

Monday, March 14, 2011

Who 2 Trust

Listen. To me. Do not ever. Ever get on my Blog again. Do you understand Redlights? Have I made myself clear? Not another single one of you.

I'm coming back to Boston soon alright? I can't move too well right now but I should be able to get back soon enough.

Blue Blood Burns Blue

Yeesh. The comments on the last entry weren't nearly as interesting as the comments from when I first took the wheel. I guess the wounds were still fresh. People are so much more fun with fresh wounds. I think I may have to either cut open some scars or make some brand new ones the old fashioned way.

Well here you go.

Quite nice. No blood or anything on it. I did have to clean it vigorously though... I prefer red myself.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Liar Liar. Pants on Fire.

Aaaw what's the matter? Is the death of the little runner really that upsetting that you have to go into denial? I'd be relieved if I were any of you. Thank goodness I'm not.

I don't quite see what the big deal is.  Do you all think I'm lying? I know!

How about I post, the boy's jacket on this Blog?Liam and the others can identify it. Hmm? Sounds like a plan if I do say so myself. And I do say so myself.


Good Night. Sleep Tight.

So I guess this is a free Blog now, huh? Sad. I thought He had big plans for the hatchling. I guess not, seeing that beat-down. 

So what's going on people?

Everybody having a good time?

Question, did everyone know Yggdrasil sucks so hard? His job was to draw out "He that is" and keep him occupied. That fight lasted Ten Minutes tops. 

It was nice though. I had front row seats. I was so close I could see the blood fly out of the little boy's mouth. Then he tried to escape through the Other Side. 

Luckily I was one step ahead of him. I stopped him and finished the job myself. Kelly, Dennis, whatever you want to call the freak should be a broken mess flowing down the river right about now. It's hard to run with thirteen thousand volts of electricity flowing through your brain.

Scheduled post, what a great idea. Not that they really helped. Well what else is there? Ah, I'll let them tell you.


Saturday, March 12, 2011

Power Weighted

Are you impressed "father"? I've given you so much more than I could have in February.  I'm impressed with myself.

No matter what anyone says. No matter how much blood is leaking from my body. No matter how late this post comes after we actually threw down. I validated my existence. I made you drop to one knee. And that's good enough for me.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Let's Do It All Over Again.

Cerberus set up the meeting place, so I trust he knows where I am about to be . Not much has happened in a while. Gotta jet, before I lose wifi.

NAPPA Motherfucker.

It took me a while to compose myself enough to read all the Blog Updates. Slice is back. YEEEEEEES. And Kaiju. Well Kaiju is still awesome, hence the title. Pete's fine too. He's a smart guy. And Zed's getting things to defend himself. Hopefully its THINGS and not one THING.

Shelby's amassing her own little sub-division. Team Magick.

Speaking of Magick that shit is FUN. And ten dollars. TEN DOLLARS.

But yeah, I'm just recovering from the ass-whooping Red gave me. Seriously. . .he's too much.

Matt's got a new Blog.

Frap Joce and Astrid are okay. I think. Last time I CHECKED. . . .I need to make sure one more time.

I wonder what Liam is doing?

Ron is. . .Ron is sick right now. He's going to get better. No matter what.

Cynthia blew up at me, it was scary as shit.

Bran, Aiden, and Brennon seem to be doing okay.

Someone asked me if I was Bi-Polar. I said I'm Bi-Winning.


Mary Thomas burned it down. She burned it down to Cinders. I get it now. Invisible ink on the back of the papers with the Operator Symbols on them.

Mary Thomas was the one stalking Harold. She killed Davis. And she purposefully introduced those kids to the Slender Man "myth". The woman told them Ghost stories. They all began to get paranoid. She needed to step it up a notch, she killed David, and made it look like the Slender Man did it. Then she DID something to Harold. He had known her for months but he only talks about her for a little bit before Entry 7. Those are Harold's pictures not hers.

I had found this out last night. Needless to say I couldn't post them. See I went back to Boston, to hunt down Cerberus, I needed Clyde to take me to Ruins. I had to see them for myself. Traveling to the Other Side seems to be something different from going to a place In-Between, and to be honest, I'd rather see how it's done before I try it.

Anyway, when I stepped out, I was in that warehouse near Boston. The one I woke up in.

Redlight was there. Smiling. To make a long story short, we got in a fight. I lost. It hurt. A LOT.Even Slender powers couldn't stop him. And then he took the journal. After I rewrote every. Last. Page.

I'll tell you what went down if you'd like, but as for now. The Stirling City Library.

Harold didn't give a number or date for this one so let's just call the last Entry. . .

Entry 0

I want to go home. I can't leave though. I think everyone wants to go home, but we can't. Why? We're not in School, we should be able to go home. It feels like we can, but at the sametime it feels like. . .we can't. I. Not we. The door is right there and I want to just get out of here. But I know someone something is going to stop me.

I hate feeling this way.  I just. . .what is wrong with me?

He's here.  Yes. Yes. Just come inside you monster. Now everyone will see. Everyone will see I'm not crazy. I've got you. I've got you. You lose. I can go to sleep. Everyone will be able to.  .  wait.

No. No. What is a library full of third and fourth graders going to do against a monster? It is over. There is nothing I can do.

I can run. I can go home and hide. No he'd find me. I can leave. I can go off somewhere far away. Wait a minute he's doing something. I don't understand what does he want from me? It's . Hey I think that's the same thing he did when he wanted me to come out of bed. Well I'm not afraid this time. It's bright out. Everyone will see if he tries to hurt me. What do I do? I've got to get out of here. If he wants to follow me, then I'll get him to go to a place where there are lots of people. Where everyone will see.


Harold must've left his journal behind, seeing as how this Entry fills up the pages. Mary Thomas killed those kids. Someone must've found this book, the pictures Harold took still inside, and set it apart from everything in case someone was looking for it. Harold never got the chance to come back because she burnt it down to the Ground. I know it was her. The invisible ink on the back of the papers with Operator symbols are all letters Mary Thomas had the kids write. They're so strange too. These kids. I think. I think they're all Redlights.                                                                                      

Thursday, March 10, 2011


Coming up soon Zed, I promise. But really, have Zerombr and Ron's interest always matched?

Redlight, Stoplight, Ready. Set. Go.

I can see you outside y'know? You're never getting this journal back. Not until every last entry has been posted.
And I'm lazy, so I'll type them when I feel like it. Until then, how do I put this? Fuck off.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Empty Urban Legends

Let's just get this shit over with.

Entry 2 - May 3 1986

Well, I'm going to fourth grade next year with daVid, we both can't waIt.

I wish I had something to say Cool to say dearesT diary, but everything has been pretty bOring so faR.  David seems sad. Maybe I should bring him some of my moms cookies.

Entry 3 - May 10 1986

Sorry diary, I haven't wrote in a whi(tear drops on the page smudge the damn words, but I guess, this is while.)David and his mommy died when I wrote that stUpid last page. I was woRried about my friend, because he was dad. I didn't want this to happen. This isn't fair. And now David's daddy is holding some sort of Grudge against mE. I'm so sad. Nobody else would ever talk to me now. Not only do people think I'm bad but now they think I'm bad luck. I miss you David.

Entry 4 - May 12 1986

i dont even care What people thInk about me. Sticks and stones may break my bones, but with lots of miLk words wilL never hurt me.

Entry 5 - May 13 1986

 I keep having dreams about David and the man in the suit that found him and his m(X)ther.  They make me sad. And worst of all I think I'm getting sick. Mommy and Daddy will take care of me right? Or do they think I'm bad luck too?

Entry 6 - May 16 1986

Today I made friends with Ms. Mary Thomas. She's so nice to me and my classmates. She gave me my own camera. I think everyone else was jealous. I hope we see her again.

Entry 7 - May 20 1986

Dear diary, I think somebody is watching me, Mommy and Daddy, it feels like there's someone else in the house(COME ON PEOPLE! Who else could this be?).

I love my parents, I'm scared to go to bed at night because I think someone will kidnap me. Mommy tells me to just pray, and it helps alot, but only for a few hours.
The trees keep scratching the windows and the radio keeps playing the same song. It's a babyish lullaby. It's the same song and I just want it to STOP!(first time I can see Harold lose it. This is written darker and underlined, a lot.)


I didn't DO ANYTHING! It's not my fault so GO AWAY. I'm a good boy. I try to do good in school. I do what my parents say. I try to be nice to everyone! WHY ARE YOU BOTHERING ME? GO AWAY GO AWAY PLEASE GO AWAY GO AWAY. GO AWAY(and like Dennis said it goes on like this until entry eight, he's blaming his friend for his situation. Remind you of anyone?)


Tuesday, March 8, 2011

What the FUCK!?

Where am I!? Where the hell did I get these fucking CLOTHES? And why is someone's diary on my lap? Girl's don't even keep diaries still do they?

Damn, how long have I been up?

I am OUT of it man. Y'know for some reason I feel like I had said I'd post something here. It had to do with a library and a fire. Meh, dreams. Fuck it. I'm going to look around and get something to eat.

Peace, the fuck, OUT.


Monday, March 7, 2011

Initial Shock.

Now that it's gone, I want to discuss what else was in the suitcase. A bunch of papers with (X) all over them, not surprisingly. I mean it's a Slender tool.

Now the interesting thing is this journal. It's really old, but. . .it's about yours truly. I've read through it, and I'll post the entries when I can. It doesn't get really weird until . . the middle part. There are colorless pictures in here. Has anyone been to TV tropes? Follow the link to Something Awful if they give it. As we know that's not where he was born. Stupid Victor Surge. . .

There's a picture with kids lining up, playing on the playground and a boy looking directly at the camera. . . .They're all. . .tucked into this journal. I have to post this stuff, so without further explanation.  Here's the diary of Harold Samson. This kid is. . .he was nine years old. He was so smart, and his handwriting is spot on. . .

The first entry isn't that long, but I need to post it, I need to keep posting these entries so you can understand how weird they get later on. Well . . .I guess you get it, Slendy stalked him, and things got bad. But I'm going to show you HOW.

Entry 1

Mommy bought me this journal but, only girls make diaries. But my parents do not have a lot of money so I'm going to write in it. I don't care if people call me a girl. So dear diary, my name is Harold, and we're going to be friends until you run out of pages okay? I'm in the third grade, and my best friends name is Davis, he's eleven, but he's in the same grade as me.

Well I'm going to eat dinner now, BYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYE


Like I said, not very long, correct? Entries 2-6 are just every now and then updates about school, and then. . .

Well take a peek at entry seven.

Entry 7

Dear diary, I think somebody is watching me, Mommy and Daddy, it feels like there's someone else in the house(COME ON PEOPLE! Who else could this be?).

I love my parents, I'm scared to go to bed at night because I think someone will kidnap me. Mommy tells me to just pray, and it helps alot, but only for a few hours.


And that was a preview of Entry Seven, it goes on and on, for a few pages before Entry Eight. I'll try to spare you the consecutive post and just get Two-Six up tommorow.

 -Dennis, the Core.

Satin Panties

Don't even get me started on how weird it is that Redlight has these things in his suitcase. So yes, I continued to follow Redlight around for the day, trying my best not to alert him of my presence. He met up with several other men and women in hoodies, and before we go on, what is UP with these guys and hoodies?

Gotta admit, Redlight looks good in his though. Nothing wrong with saying that. Let's be honest. . . he's a good looking man.

So yeah, eventually he went to the park to bury the aformentioned suitcase, he obtained from the Proxies I mentioned above. I dug it up later and took it back to the Church where I've been allowed to stay. They think I'm a high school graduate down on his luck, thanks to Kelly's fake I.D. The people here want to enroll me in a college, hopefully I won't have to go. If it comes to that, I may mention Slice's college. I miss him and Liam so much it almost hurts. Almost, after all these are false emotions, not my own. Slice lost his memories though so. . .I don't know if that'd be such a good idea.

Why do I put myself into these situations?

Seriously. I keep pushing myself when I know I can't take it at ALL. Still, I'd rather be the one to follow a Redlight, instead of the other way around. He stopped in a Cafe that just has wifi? No, he knows I'm following him. Well, what should I do now?

   -Dennis, The Core.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

A New Day Is Dawning

I don't know what happened. I don't know where I am. All I know is that I've got control.

You were expecting Kelly? My apologies.

Well after last nights hellish round of mental torture, I guess Yggdrasil tried to hide inside of his own mind.

I wonder, what would have happened if not one of the now three minds, had taken control of our body when we did?

Well like I said before, I can't use Kelly's powers, and that's a good thing. Er, Liam, we don't know each other that well, but I can imagine you want to just beat the crap out of this body. Which is fine. If we see each other I'll let you do just that. After all it's sort of my fault, Yggdrasil betrayed you.

Shelby, Branwen, your concern means everything to me. Thank You.

Who else uh, Kaiju, Sorry Yggdrasil stole your food . . .

Tensor, yeah, er, sorry for the insults, my other side is. . .a vulgar person....

Jekyll, he called you a pede claudo or something. That basically amounts to homeless homosexual so. . .I apologise. . .

Will, so do you have both arms? The Rules and Paranormal Log confuse me sometimes.

Sparrow, I see another person is being stalked by The Slender Man. Hopefully he won't do to you what he did to Yggdrasil and I. I've STILL got a royal headache. And worst of all, because I don't have Kelly's enhanced immunity, I somehow contracted a cold. Well that's all for now. I'm going to go check the Blogs, and then I'm going to try and find out exactly where I am. Goodbye and good luck.

- Dennis, The Core.
Father's light is getting brighter.

Email. For you?

There is NO such thing as time travel. Alright? Sorry Kelly gave you the delusion he could time travel, it's impossible. Yggdrasil does not exist. Because I have emailed you this, I expect you to post it on your Blog, Kelly. When the Slender Man took you to the tree "of life" after the beast escaped(and YES it was after the beast escaped.) he invaded your mind. He knew the entire time. He wanted you to let go of your past life. You're no longer a fighter, and I guess I have to accept that.

I didn't want to be a slave, a tool. I am, The Intruder, everyone. Yggdrasil has been hallucinating ever since Beast On The Prowl, maybe even before then, I honestly don't keep up with my Other Side's blog that well.

I somehow, fortunately, deterred the Slender Man's goals. I was able to directly communicate with Kelly. And well, I lost control. I posted on Twisted Hours, before the Slender Man upped the anti with the invasion of Kelly's mind. I fear I am about to fade out. Here is what happened on our first and final confrontation.

Let the transcript role.


The Intruder: You made it.

Kelly: I'm. Bringing. You. Back.

The Intruder: NO. You will NOT. You will no longer be. COME TOGETHER! RIGHT NOW! With your BETTER half.

Kelly: What?

The Intruder: You still do not understand? Well I won't let him win. This traversing time? This is all. . .an elaborate. RUSE. Why do you think the urge to use Yggdrasil was so strong! I am. . .the last remnant of all that is RIGHTEOUS. I will forever be the light in your eternal DARKNESS. Your shroud of growing SHADOWS!

Kelly:*gripping his skull* I don't understand.

The Intruder: I WILL ESCAPE! THE DARK NEST THAT IS YOUR MIIIIIIIND! *I just kept screaming like this. I don't know why.*

 Kelly: This. . .this isn't real is it?

The Intruder: These are the HOURS of your TWISTED MIND!

Kelly: This is why. . .he's been messing with me the whole time, just like with my memories? He's been inside of my mind.

The Intruder: *removing the red mask I was wearing, to reveal our identical faces.* Your mind is a train wreck, a mess, it is ABSOLUTELY  uninhabitable.

Kelly: I don't. . .I don't*sweating now*

The Intruder: You do not need to understand ANYTHING! FAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAADE*seeing as how we were inside of our shared minds, I figured I could do anything. I WAS RIGHT! His body quickly became enveloped in bright red lightening the same lightening I ONCE FEARED WOULD OVER TAKE ME!*


My short lived moment of glory was sent to hell, when he appeared. He fractured this diseased, damaged psyche even further. My Intruder persona was sent flying into the deep recesses of our mind, making me an even more incomplete being, but I managed to claw my way back UP. If only to say farewell, I am being repressed further down into the DEEP! While Kelly suffers at his "father's"hand.

 I'm in hell. THIS. IS. A. NIGHTMARE.

   -Dennis, The fractured core.


Friday, March 4, 2011

I am not amused.

Someone deleted several post on Copper and Chrome, this is not what I wanted to return to.

Anyway, if you're keeping up with my Time Travel blog, Twisted Hours, which I'm still surprised works(and people commented on) I'm back. Well, not for long. I've got to go back to Yggdrasil. I found the Intruder, but before I could even start a confrontation I was sent hurdling through time back to the present.

I can't shake the feeling something's off. Besides Johnathan running Borderline, but...  something ELSE. Man. . .I hope I didn't mess up anything in the Timeline.

And by the way, I posted a LOT on Twisted Hours, but there's only a few post on there... I think someone. . .deleted them. But. . .who?


With my childhood. I haven't been on this thing in seventeen years...

Since I found out Ron died.

Since I took the deep dive.

I come bearing a message before I go.

In One Week from Monday,  March 14, everything will be deleted from this Blog, by the Intruder, someone who the Slender Man has greatly wronged, someone who wants revenge.

I cannot say too much, if I interfere with the outcome of History, well things might get a little worse on my end. If anyone is reading this in 2011, there is no hope for survival. Say goodbye to all of your friends, and make these last few days count.

Goodbye, forever yours, Yggdrasil.

Twisted Hours

Woah wait. What?

Okay, this Blog's URL is still active. What. . .the fuck?

Listen, I've arrived safely. I did have to ask around for what year it was and where I was exactly before stealing some college kids laptop. It's . . .2010, and I'm in New York City. Weird, I should've ended up in Texas right ? Then again, if the person who used Yggdrasil before me is here, then I suppose it's for the best. Slendy says that it's hard to miss a person who is using the Yggdrasil, I have no idea what he meant by that but, it's whatever. I'll find the guy or girl who tampered with the tree and put an end to them.

I doubt this post will go through, seeing as how the URL shouldn't even EXIST, but if it does, I hope everyone's okay.

EDIT: I just realized, I stole some guy's laptop! Just to surf the web. I needlessly changed the course of history. FUCK. I'm an IDIOT! Just in case this post DOES go through, I don't want to risk the possibility of losing contact with anyone(then again I'd probably be talking to people in the past). So I've made a blog from my current timeline: http://timetravelworkscopperandchrome.blogspot.com/

There is a future...

...that will probably have to wait. Like I've said before, someone went to Yggdrasil and has opted to try and rearrange the timeline. I'm going to stop them, after all, it's sort of my job to protect Yggdrasil. The Slender Man will not be coming with me, he's got some stuff to deal with, and he sort of doesn't even know I'm planning on going. And he won't until I'm actually gone. I don't really know if I'll even make it. Remember He said my heart would give out due to my age. Still, I can't risk someone messing up time. Gosh, I don't even know if I'm heading toward the past or the future. Wherever I'm going I hope they have Internet.

Wish me good luck, if you really care.

Oh and Nil, you can pursue the Blake siblings if you want. I have a feeling I'm going to be a little busy. . .

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Steamboat Willie


Ron specifically told me NOT to fuck with it. That doesn't give everyone else permission to go tamper with the timeline.

Alright, whoever did it, make a FUCKING BLOGGER and fess up RIGHT FUCKING NOW.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011


And I'm awake.

I woke up staring up into the gaping, bloody maw of that thing. What the FUCK?

I guess I should list some facts so you know what to look out for.

It isn't the Rake, like some would be led to believe. No it's GOT hair, it doesn't stink, and the thing that makes those eyes scary isn't emptiness, those are fully sentient, aware, cruel, hungry, eyes.

 It's got long bunny-like ears that come down to it's fucking knees. It's as tall as slender shit, but. . .with muscle, A LOT OF FUCKING MUSCLE. Charred black flesh, and patches of grey fur, round teeth that jut out of the bottom of it's mouth.
 The top of it's skull can be seen through that disgusting black skin, you'd expect it to smell AWFUL right?

But like I said, it actually produces a scent that DRAWS it's prey toward it.

And somehow it drew in me. WHAT. THE. FUCK!?

Fuck it. At least I escaped. It should've attacked me. It didn't.

Thank goodness.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Beast on the Prowl

I saw it.

Oh shit that thing is lose in the real world.

I almost didn't notice it. Those yellow eyes thoseeyesthoseeyesthoseeyesthoseeyesthoseeyesthoseeyesthoseeyesthoseeyesthoseeyes

yellow eyes watching you in the dark you run around i run around run run run around

Question is: If it's so froggyfroggyfroggyfroggyfroggyfroggyfroggyfroggyfroggyfroggyfroggyfroggyfroggy then why wont it leap?


In Texas, from my meeting with Nil in Boston, brave guy, trying to desensetize himself via McDonalds.

Why did I need to be there? To pay for the cheap bastards food. He could've just asked Black Leaf to help him with that.

And why McDonalds? It seems a bit extreme. But maybe he's been practicing with other stuff. Bah, I don't really care.

Season 2

The one that can't hold a candle to Season 1 and 3 but people still pay attention to ANYWAY. Let's kick it off with a RECAP. So like I said. I'd fill you in later. Let it continue.

Me: This PLACE! That's how! This is why you were spotted in Egypt and Germany. It all makes sense now.

S: Good theory. A wrong one, but good. Very good.

Me: Are you kidding?

S: No. I really WAS in Egypt and Germany for a very very long time. Look back to the oldest of the old in recorded history and you will find, my trace.

Me: Well damn. What's this bridge for then?

S: People like you.

Me: You mean hatchlings?

S: Precisely. This is a place for knowledge and experience. For you to go on all of my endeavors and learn from them.

Me: Then why didn't you let me fall?

S: Because you're too young. You're heart would've given out.

Me: I guess I get it.

S: You can not post this online. If the existance of the Bridge spreads around, then it will be comprimised. Not a single person  needs the knowledge that they can muddy the timeline.(take a wild guess about WHY I left so suddenly yesterday.)

Monday, February 28, 2011


Or ScenArio if you're a douchebag.

On our way to Texas Slender Blender the Gender Bender and I had another conversation. I had tried to just stay quiet, but he just HAD to go digging inside of my personal thoughts on how I was going to escape again.

S: There is no scenario where your heart will remain beating without me by your side.

Me: No scenario? I see fifty scenarios that's what it does, it puts me fifty moves ahead of you.

S:. . .What?

Me: Nothing I saw it on a commercial. I wanna see that movie. So hey, why're we going to the tree of life again?

S: To gather fruit for the Great Feast.

Me: Right. Not going to ask.

S: You're learning.

Me: You're ugly. What's new?

As we kept walking I turned away from the "Cage" knowing he'd follow me, so as long as I could divert his attention from the escape of that monster, I'd be in the clear.

Me: Where's Slice?

S: Not your concern.

Me: It's Slice, of course it's my concern! Ron and Pete are worried, and so am I.

S: They shouldn't be.

Me: So you're just going to be a giant ass are-

I was cut off when I tripped and almost fell down into a greenish blue lake covered by a log. Luckily he caught me...


Normally I would've complained when he talked like that but instead I just asked.

Me:Wh-what's wrong?Why do I need to be careful it's just water.

S: This isn't a liquid at all. This is the bridge.

Me: Clearly.

S: Not the log. The bridge between time-lines.

And then it hit me like a giant yellow schoolbus.

I'll fill you in later.

To the City of Light!

Slendy and I are heading to Texas in a little bit. I figured it'd be a good chance to bother Matt while He just . . .does whatever he does, I don't really care. But after that we're paying a visit to The Tree of Life which, I admit, has got me pretty curious.

As for Liam and Lucas. . .well to qoute Jesse McCartney, You can't beat me. No matter how many times you try.

Moving on! Sunday was an absolute blast. Not. Funny how I used to combat the Slender Man, now I combat humans. With Shotguns.

What really has me worried is. . .well that thing got loose. Yeah I don't think Slendy knows yet so I need to get it back before he finds out. It was bound up pretty tight when I FIRST saw it. Then on Saturday it was just. . .gone. And now it's got me scared as hell to use the Other Side to get around. I don't know if it's on the human plain of existence, but I really need to find out before someone becomes dinner.

Edit: I'll see what I can do about Slice. Skinny ain't here yet, so I'll ask him about it when he arrives.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Rage against the system.

I just had another very brief conversation with Skinny. I feel like venting my anger so I'll let you guys see a transcript of what happened.

Basically I was just messing around with my chrome, setting the background to Hatsune Miku. And when Vocaloids popped into my head, I instantly gagged and the thought of gross ass Dark Wood Circus.


Me: God, that song is gross.

Right then is exactly when I heard Miku's voice inside of my head.But take a guess at who that was?The bastard

S:Deep, deep in the heart of the forest, there you'll find that circus. With its ringmaster, wide-eyed and 10 meters tall

Me: Having turned around, I could actually feel my face fall in dismay. ''Fuck no. That shit is disgusting. Cut it out.

S:All the performers are so happy, though their appearances are bizarre The Dark Woods Circus is such f

Me: "Are those the right l- just SHUTUP."I have serious problems with this song. It just makes me want to throw the hell up. Which, spoiler alert, I ended up doing.

Me: Look, chill. If this is about the One Week thing I'm sorry.

S:Come see the two-headed freak and the wondrous siren

At this point I'd had enough. The entire time he was singing my stomach was churning. And he was forcing me to relive the video, somehow. I think by digging into my brain. Word to the wise. That video is fucking disgusting. If you EVER see it, then I wish you well. So anyway. Thinking about Miku's torso sewed onto a goat just cleared me to . . .toss my cookies? I guess that's not a wimpy analogy. I wasn't going to let him have the satisfaction of turning me into a bitch though, so I decided to throw up on his s
hoes. Before anybody tells me what a douchebag I am: HE SHOULDN'T HAVE BEEN SINGING SHIT, and making me relive that fucked up video was going too far.

So right then I was trying to get it together while he just watched. I was shaking with unbridled fury tell you the truth.

Me: You're an asshole. You're just. AN.ASSHOLE.

S: I thought we would be on better terms.

Me: Get out of my head. If you want to talk you can write.

S: You seem angry. Did I do something wrong?

Me: What is it with people thinking it's okay to just go around singing Dark Woods Circus? That shit's gross. Do you know how long it's going to take me, to get back to picturing Miku just the right w- well thanks.

S: All you had to do was ask me to fix your perception of the girl. Why do you care about something fictional anyway? You understand that the possibility of intercourse with a Vocaloid is zero percent right?

Me: Let's drop this conversation. I still feel like I'm going to throw up.

S: Now you understand.

Me: Understand WHAT?

S: What it's like to listen to something you don't want to hear.

Me: Hey. BnL is awesome.


Me: Nothing. Hey. Do you mind getting Tensor to shut the fuck up? She's annoying as hell.

S: She doesn't concern you, she's Breeck's problem.

Me: But that's the thing. I don't appreciate the Welcome to the family thing.

S: Not a single being really cares how you feel to be completely honest.

Me: I sort of got that.

S: Well I'm off. I have to make sure all of the preparations are set.

Me: Preparations? For what?

S: The feast. It will be wonderful. Everyone's invited.

Me: Wait what feast?

S: You ask too many questions.

And just like that he was gone. And in a few minutes after we had this little conversation, I was screaming at Lucas on his blog. He's such a prick.

Proxy Bitches

Are fine as hell. Revenant bitches. Not so much.

Aside from that nothing new here. I've been using the Other Side to pop in and out of Kaiju's house to take stuff from his fridge, while nobody is looking so that's always fun.

I might stop though. I don't like being in the other side alone with that fucking monster. But because I'm a good boy, I drew a (X) in marker on the table. Then I went outside and spray painted: Liam Downs was here on the house.

That was probably fucked up, seeing as how Liam's already mad at me but hey it was funny.


Last night I learned how to make Revenants and Hallow people out. I can't get it right, it's too fucking hard, and he hardly let me take a break THEN AGAIN, I probably won't EVER try to Hallow someone out ANYWAY. So we started traveling again, just walking around Indiana. I can see entrances to the other side now, hell I can MAKE them. Everytime he started stalking his prey I'd pop up and tackle him. Must've done that like three times. I wonder what the look on their faces where? A horrifying figure getting tackled by a fourteen year old, must've been confusing on SOME level.

Liam's pissed at me, despite the fact I did work something out for him.

He left me in a hammock and went to attack Shelby the bastard.

Right now I'm just contemplating where to go. Should I go help or stay here? The latter seems to be the best option. If I leave he'll probably do some seriously dickish moves while I'm gone.

Oh and the Proxie women are great to hang around. Best part is news travels fast so they can't even tell me to get lost while I bother them.