Out From The Black Forest.

Thursday, May 5, 2011


Remember that Spear I mentioned a little while back? The one that had He and I shaking in our boots?(Not that I wear boots. Boots wouldn't go with my SHORT SHORTS). Well there's more than one. We destroyed one and the others... I think I know who took them. Not Darky, no, it was that fucking red head from that fight. She and her brother must've gotten a hold of it sometime before said fight, otherwise Big D would have taken it I'm sure. Then again, He mentioned that when that spear comes in contact with Those Like Us it burns relentlessly. Injuries delivered upon to us cannot be healed as per usual. So that means she couldn't have taken it, I mean wouldn't it hurt her hand? I probably should have paid more attention when he was explaining the entire thing.

But anyway, as to how I know, well I saw her. Out by the woods. We looked right at each other, and it was impossible to miss that God Forsaken weapon in her hand. I cannot believe I let her escape. I cannot believe that I'm going to die. She's going to come after me. I know it. Oh God I going to die. No, no I'm suppose to be immortal. I don't die. I don't curl up and die. I'm Hellfire. I'm Yggdrasil. I'm a god. I'm invincible. Wait, okay, I have an idea. I'll find her before she finds me. I'll STEAL the element of surprise.