Out From The Black Forest.

Monday, February 28, 2011


Or ScenArio if you're a douchebag.

On our way to Texas Slender Blender the Gender Bender and I had another conversation. I had tried to just stay quiet, but he just HAD to go digging inside of my personal thoughts on how I was going to escape again.

S: There is no scenario where your heart will remain beating without me by your side.

Me: No scenario? I see fifty scenarios that's what it does, it puts me fifty moves ahead of you.

S:. . .What?

Me: Nothing I saw it on a commercial. I wanna see that movie. So hey, why're we going to the tree of life again?

S: To gather fruit for the Great Feast.

Me: Right. Not going to ask.

S: You're learning.

Me: You're ugly. What's new?

As we kept walking I turned away from the "Cage" knowing he'd follow me, so as long as I could divert his attention from the escape of that monster, I'd be in the clear.

Me: Where's Slice?

S: Not your concern.

Me: It's Slice, of course it's my concern! Ron and Pete are worried, and so am I.

S: They shouldn't be.

Me: So you're just going to be a giant ass are-

I was cut off when I tripped and almost fell down into a greenish blue lake covered by a log. Luckily he caught me...


Normally I would've complained when he talked like that but instead I just asked.

Me:Wh-what's wrong?Why do I need to be careful it's just water.

S: This isn't a liquid at all. This is the bridge.

Me: Clearly.

S: Not the log. The bridge between time-lines.

And then it hit me like a giant yellow schoolbus.

I'll fill you in later.

To the City of Light!

Slendy and I are heading to Texas in a little bit. I figured it'd be a good chance to bother Matt while He just . . .does whatever he does, I don't really care. But after that we're paying a visit to The Tree of Life which, I admit, has got me pretty curious.

As for Liam and Lucas. . .well to qoute Jesse McCartney, You can't beat me. No matter how many times you try.

Moving on! Sunday was an absolute blast. Not. Funny how I used to combat the Slender Man, now I combat humans. With Shotguns.

What really has me worried is. . .well that thing got loose. Yeah I don't think Slendy knows yet so I need to get it back before he finds out. It was bound up pretty tight when I FIRST saw it. Then on Saturday it was just. . .gone. And now it's got me scared as hell to use the Other Side to get around. I don't know if it's on the human plain of existence, but I really need to find out before someone becomes dinner.

Edit: I'll see what I can do about Slice. Skinny ain't here yet, so I'll ask him about it when he arrives.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Rage against the system.

I just had another very brief conversation with Skinny. I feel like venting my anger so I'll let you guys see a transcript of what happened.

Basically I was just messing around with my chrome, setting the background to Hatsune Miku. And when Vocaloids popped into my head, I instantly gagged and the thought of gross ass Dark Wood Circus.


Me: God, that song is gross.

Right then is exactly when I heard Miku's voice inside of my head.But take a guess at who that was?The bastard

S:Deep, deep in the heart of the forest, there you'll find that circus. With its ringmaster, wide-eyed and 10 meters tall

Me: Having turned around, I could actually feel my face fall in dismay. ''Fuck no. That shit is disgusting. Cut it out.

S:All the performers are so happy, though their appearances are bizarre The Dark Woods Circus is such f

Me: "Are those the right l- just SHUTUP."I have serious problems with this song. It just makes me want to throw the hell up. Which, spoiler alert, I ended up doing.

Me: Look, chill. If this is about the One Week thing I'm sorry.

S:Come see the two-headed freak and the wondrous siren

At this point I'd had enough. The entire time he was singing my stomach was churning. And he was forcing me to relive the video, somehow. I think by digging into my brain. Word to the wise. That video is fucking disgusting. If you EVER see it, then I wish you well. So anyway. Thinking about Miku's torso sewed onto a goat just cleared me to . . .toss my cookies? I guess that's not a wimpy analogy. I wasn't going to let him have the satisfaction of turning me into a bitch though, so I decided to throw up on his s
hoes. Before anybody tells me what a douchebag I am: HE SHOULDN'T HAVE BEEN SINGING SHIT, and making me relive that fucked up video was going too far.

So right then I was trying to get it together while he just watched. I was shaking with unbridled fury tell you the truth.

Me: You're an asshole. You're just. AN.ASSHOLE.

S: I thought we would be on better terms.

Me: Get out of my head. If you want to talk you can write.

S: You seem angry. Did I do something wrong?

Me: What is it with people thinking it's okay to just go around singing Dark Woods Circus? That shit's gross. Do you know how long it's going to take me, to get back to picturing Miku just the right w- well thanks.

S: All you had to do was ask me to fix your perception of the girl. Why do you care about something fictional anyway? You understand that the possibility of intercourse with a Vocaloid is zero percent right?

Me: Let's drop this conversation. I still feel like I'm going to throw up.

S: Now you understand.

Me: Understand WHAT?

S: What it's like to listen to something you don't want to hear.

Me: Hey. BnL is awesome.


Me: Nothing. Hey. Do you mind getting Tensor to shut the fuck up? She's annoying as hell.

S: She doesn't concern you, she's Breeck's problem.

Me: But that's the thing. I don't appreciate the Welcome to the family thing.

S: Not a single being really cares how you feel to be completely honest.

Me: I sort of got that.

S: Well I'm off. I have to make sure all of the preparations are set.

Me: Preparations? For what?

S: The feast. It will be wonderful. Everyone's invited.

Me: Wait what feast?

S: You ask too many questions.

And just like that he was gone. And in a few minutes after we had this little conversation, I was screaming at Lucas on his blog. He's such a prick.

Proxy Bitches

Are fine as hell. Revenant bitches. Not so much.

Aside from that nothing new here. I've been using the Other Side to pop in and out of Kaiju's house to take stuff from his fridge, while nobody is looking so that's always fun.

I might stop though. I don't like being in the other side alone with that fucking monster. But because I'm a good boy, I drew a (X) in marker on the table. Then I went outside and spray painted: Liam Downs was here on the house.

That was probably fucked up, seeing as how Liam's already mad at me but hey it was funny.


Last night I learned how to make Revenants and Hallow people out. I can't get it right, it's too fucking hard, and he hardly let me take a break THEN AGAIN, I probably won't EVER try to Hallow someone out ANYWAY. So we started traveling again, just walking around Indiana. I can see entrances to the other side now, hell I can MAKE them. Everytime he started stalking his prey I'd pop up and tackle him. Must've done that like three times. I wonder what the look on their faces where? A horrifying figure getting tackled by a fourteen year old, must've been confusing on SOME level.

Liam's pissed at me, despite the fact I did work something out for him.

He left me in a hammock and went to attack Shelby the bastard.

Right now I'm just contemplating where to go. Should I go help or stay here? The latter seems to be the best option. If I leave he'll probably do some seriously dickish moves while I'm gone.

Oh and the Proxie women are great to hang around. Best part is news travels fast so they can't even tell me to get lost while I bother them.

Friday, February 25, 2011


Through the Other Side.

I didn't really expect another mode of transportation, but I wasn't really expecting to get here this quick. We're in Westfield, Indiana, checking out the blogs. Morningstar is such a joke. Slendershit, oh wait, ''The Great Tall One.'' doesn't care about him.

Black Leaf is about to be pulled out, and replaced by some . . .I don't even want to call that thing we saw an Animal. It'd be insulting. Word to the Wise, GET THE FUCK OUT OF DODG- I mean. . .Boston. Unless you really need to stay there, then I suggest buying a fucking tranquilizer gun, or hoping against hope Black Leaf gets to stay.

Al(X)ne's going to be my superior from now on according to Skinny, so I guess I'll have to put up with him. God he's seems like such a prick.

Crow hacked Bran's blog. Bran took it back.

Nothing to say really, I have to wrap this up. We've got more walking to do.

Getting Lost.

I realize something

There's no reason for me to stay in Boston with Liam anymore. I realized that during the fight last night.

I can't fight this. Whatever I am inside, if who I'll always be.

I'm getting out of here, taking my stuff with me, even if I have to mow down everything in my way.

I need to find Skinny, yeah that's it. And no. Like hell I'm going to start calling him Father. But staying with him would probably be the best course of action. Hone my powers and all that fucking nonsense. Please no comments on how ''you're better than this.'' or that shit.

1) You're a liar, no. I'm not.
2) I've already contacted Slendershit, he's right outside.
3) Goodbye NAPPA, I'm sorry. I really am.
4) Slendy, This doesn't make us cool. We're still enemies, and I'm still going to destroy you the first chance I get, but I'll do what you say for now.

Alright. . .

I guess there's nothing really left to say.

Best Wishes.

Edit: Don't worry, I didn't leave you with out a little something. To all of the NAPPA members, after this Saturday he'll give you seven days to rest as long as you don't think about him at all. I don't even know if he'll keep his word. He probably WON'T, but hey, it's something.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Yeah who cares if this post is coming right after the other. I won't be able to talk to you any time SOON. I'm going to jump out of the window, when Slice rolls up. Catch myself with the tentacles y'know?

Alright lets do this before I lose the nerve. . .


Oh fuck no!

No way in hell Liam's going down without me by his side!



What the hell is happening!? It hurts. . .it hurts all over. I CAN FEEL MY TENTACLES UNDERNEATH MY SKIN!

I can't even keep typing this. I think I'm going to pass out. . .White hoodie. .

I'm scared if I faint he or she will find a way inside. . .Oh God. . .Wait. . .Liam can handle it right?

Of course. . .of course.


There's someone outside. Looking up, and I JUST KNOW they're looking at Me and Liam.

They've got that stupid white-hoodie with an operator symbol over their heart.

Wonder if that's a boy or a girl?

I'm going to close the curtains now.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Aaah! Holy-

Aaaaah, uhm. Okay, so I was on my way to Charlestown, I had to duck into a McDonalds though, dogs keep freaking out around me, and well. When dogs bark. . .

Nevermind. Running for my life from a bull hound probably wasn't the best idea. I barely got away before it's owner caught up.

I'm just going to chill here until it's gone. .  . Sorry Slice.

Edit: AND WHY DIDN'T I WAKE UP LIAM!? He could've DROVE me.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Oh wait

I DO have something to say.

THAT IS EXACTLY WHAT YOU GET for under estimating ANYONE associated with The Slender Man.

Ava, I hope your safe.

Reach, I bet gorging yourself wasn't worth losing your powers NOW HUH?

Shelby, FINE, THAT'S FUCKING FINE, you just go off and join Slender shit.


I'm not up to this right now. Too much, unbridled rage, coupled with. . .regret.

A Slice of a Donut

Alright, that pun was terrible.

Not much to say but I finally met up with Slice, in Dunkin' Donuts. Great guy.

Still irked over the whole Oliver! thing. . .Slendy's just fucking weird.

And with nothing to say well. . .

Peeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeace, mofos!

Friday, February 18, 2011

Heh heh heh...

I just rubbed my self down with my tentacles, changing my clothes to match what I hear a light of a certain color wears.

Have you ever stolen a pack of Soda's right in front of a gas station manager dressed in a red hoodie with an (X) on it?

It's fun, you should try it.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Small Update.

Oh yeah and keep in mind The Last post went down about thirty minutes before Liam got here. I saved it as a draft, so I could post it next time we had Wifi



He fucking kicked my ASS! AGAIN! I Hate him. I HATE him. I hate THIS it's not fair. I can't win! I CAN'T WIN! FUCK YOU! FUCK YOU!

Well you're probably wondering what happened. . .alright well. After I last commented on Cyn's blog, I saw him.

He wasn't just staring at me through the window, no. He looked up at me(fifth floor.) and actually made the ''come here'' sign with his finger.

I fucking lost it, releasing every single fucking tentacle I had(30 before the fight.), and let me tell you it hurt. A LOT. To use that many.

I jumped out the window, screaming like a lunatic, crashing down on him. He hefted me up and smacked his in the side of the head, by letting my right arm split into four more tentacles(which, to be honest, I didn't know was possible.) Of course he doesn't have a face but. . .in the back of my head I knew he was smiling. . fucker.

He grabbed a handful of the tentacles from my back and tugged me around like a rag doll smacking me into a fire hydrant, head first, when he was done. It hurt like hell, and I'm surprised I'm okay.

After that he RIPPED another handful of tentacles out of my back and placed them on his chest, where they fucking STAYED fucking traitors.

Bastard started lecturing me mentally about how I "wasn't using my full potential. And needed to respect my elders." I snapped, screaming at the top of my lungs, trying to hit him in the head with one of the arm replacements, didn't work out so well. He caught it, and as soon as it made contact with him it began to sizzle and pop, bubbling down it's length until it was a stub. Nobody deserves to know what that feels like. . .

He left me there screaming in agony and begging for mercy. It was only until the fight was over did I notice the proxies around me where laughing.

Slender Man gave me an oppurtunity to silence them, and yes, in a moment of weakness I asked  him how. And then. I think he showed me.  He jabbed one of his tentacles into my back, and I. . .I think I could see EVERYONE, not every one in the entire world, but, the bloggers, it was insane, it was brief, and it made me want to do it again.

I couldn't do it again. I knew that, somewhere deep down, I knew. I forced his probe out of my back with my own appendages. When I couldn't see everyone anymore I saw him turning on his own proxies.

I don't know what happened after that, I fled. I fled back inside, leaving the door unlocked, while my middle arm tentacle regenerated itself. THAT'S something the back tentacles could never do. I left the door unlocked because, he'd find a way in anyway. It would be. . .futile to try and hide.

Dreams In Darkness


And now, I wait for my partner. In this dinky little apartment building. Lemme tell you it was difficult getting this place.

I had enough money for Febuary and Boston's rent, but you see, I'M STILL fourteen.

I spent a lot of time on Sunday, trying to figure out how to use these tentacles, Sunday night, I decided to try something else. I meditated, trying to get in touch with myself. I remember being very depressed about having to sleep on the streets. As I wallowed in self pity that's when my tentacles embraced me. I couldn't control it. I started struggling as I wrapped myself in my own appendages, and then...it was dark. I woke up a little bit later, according to my watch, next to a glass window.

Yeah, imagine my surprise when I looked like that old man across the street. Y'know the one that always wants to pick you up when your small and ask you to do yard work when you aren't? Yeah, I spent hours rubbing myself down with my tentacles trying to get back to normal. After that, I spent monday just walking around trying to turn into different people.

Eventually I got myself to look hot which, I admit, was difficult. Not that I'm unactractive in my base form.  . .I mean, I like the way I look. Whatever fuck off.

Anyway, I did manage to get a room in this sketchy building, I say sketchy because, I'm pretty sure grown-ups have to wait to move into apartments, or have to have jobs before they get in, all I did was present the land lord with stolen Benjamins before he gave me a warm welcome. By warm welcome I mean a hug with alcohol on his breath.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Fuck off!

Fucking there. No more stupid cryptic post, they're deleted. Allenby's gone for good. You can ask her fucking head, in the big ass green waste bin.

I left my stuff behind at the apartment I'm staying in, when I saw the proxies outside. Allenby decided it would be a good idea to sneak inside. Fucking bitch won't bother me or any other runners ever again.



On Motorcycles.

Not even joking.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011


We're on our way I guess.

Whoo boy. I'm going for a walk.

Memory Mayhem

Just a small note. Yes my memories are coming back but ever since the tentacle thing, they've doubled the speed of which they're coming back, but they're sorta . . .hamfisted?

Basic memories of people, not the small details, are what's returning. So please don't be offended if I can't remember eating freakin' ice cream in the park. . .joke. Ha...ha.

Ooooh, I'm sad.

Yggdrasil and Core's Bogus Journey Pt 2

As I was saying, before I was so rudely interrupted yesterday, I found out why the Proxies where able to follow me yesterday.

After I got slung around by Slendy, I just stayed there, on the warehouse floor, while he occasionally kicked me in the gut, and flipped me about.

It was painful, but I'm not in a bitching and moaning sort of mood, ya dig?. . .Did I just use the that phrase?

Anyway, I tried to block the pain out, it wasn't like an ordinary beating, he would reach inside of me and pull more of those greenish-black things out. Know what he used to make the incisions?

I'll give you a hint: it was for cutting boxes.

But I'm not going to complain because in reality, yes it did hurt. BUT, BUT, the wounds closed up perfectly later. After he was done kicking my ass, he gave my back tentacles a firm pull, and then disappeared. Let me tell you something, those things do NOT like to touch each other. At least not at first. I don't know why but the more he came into contact with them, the less it started to hurt and just turn annoying.

I wandered around for a long time after that, Proxies following thirty minutes behind. I actually felt. . .superior to them. It was weird, the fear they used to strike into me was gone without a trace.

At night I wandered into the woods, I didn't really have anywhere to stay and I felt . . .safer there. I don't think I stayed awake do to insomnia, but curiosity. I layed down and watched the stars for. . .

Doesn't matter.

Anyway, when I woke up my phone was lying next to me, it slipped out of my pocket. I don't know why but ever since the house it wasn't working. When I picked it up it was vibrating, it'd been doing that ever since I left, so I had THOUGHT it was broken. Then thirty minutes later I realized something after I left the woods. THE FUCKING PROXIES WHERE FOLLOWING MY PHONE.

I went full on tentaclimber and got the hell out of there, leaving my phone right where the trees began to get thick.

Yesterday I tried to tell you what happened but HE interrupted me, I had to go due to a huge fucking boulder flying my way. So yes, now you know EXACTLY what happened.

I wonder where Liam is? I'm in Boston now. . .waiting. Watchi- NO oh God that sounded too creepy. Uuuugh.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Yggdrasil and Core's Bogus Journey

Hey everyone. God, I don't know whether to say "Nice to meet you." or "Good to see you again."

It's all coming back in bits. Sloppy, violent, headache inducing BITS! BIIIITS!

Anyway, if you where put off by my last post let me explain what I've been up too.

I spent all saturday on the run from Proxies, wherever I went they followed. Seriously I was starting to get agitated. Every single place, they'd show up about thirty minutes later. And me reliving my memories through hallucinations didn't help much.

In fact it was downright hindering. One second I'm grabbing my backpack and yelling for the guy to hold the bus so I could get just a lil' closer to Boston, the next second I'm typing up messages to Kaiju and Matt.

I don't remember when or where I fell asleep but I woke up on Sunday inside of a warehouse. Now here comes the part where you call me crazy, and dismiss this entire post, while I try to reason that, THIS SHIT IS THE TRUTH.

As I said, I woke up lying against a crate. When I opened my eyes, HE was there. Everything hurt. And yes. . .I do mean everything. It felt like something was violently working its way through me. I knew I couldn't run, and the way Slendy was looking at me convinced me there was no point. SO I decided to have a lil' fun. I'll rewrite what happened, just a note, ellipses are from when it was too painful to keep breathing.

Me: ...Its been, one week. . .since you looked at me. Cocked your head to the side and said I'm angry.

SM: . . .

Me/YC: Five days since you laughed at me saying. . . . . .get that together. . . .come back and see me.

That's exactly when I heard . . .him? I guess. It wasn't a voice like a monsters, no it was. . .serene? I heard his words as if they where my own thoughts.

SM: We've never spoken.

YC: I know. . .I'm singing.


YC:. . .Why? Why're you going to be a buzzkill?

SM:. . .

YC: . . .What did you do to me?

SM:. . .

YC: Answer. . . .the fucking. . .question.

SM: You where always this way.

YC: Excu-

I wasn' expecting him to really cut me off but. . .

SM: Youwerealwaysthisway.

YC: Woah, slow down, that hur-

SM: Youdonotknowwhatyouaredoinghatchling.Youwherealwaysthisway.Youwherealwaysthisway

YC: CALM DOWN!. . .Please.

I don't want to come off as a punk but it REALLY hurt, when he spoke to me that fast, that coupled with my own throbbing body was too much to handle. He hefted me up with a single tentacle, I didn't see his arm split. I was careless. Caught off guard.

SM: Youcouldbesomuchhappier.

YC: Let go of my collar.

He kept repeating the same thing over and over again until I snapped, huge holes tore into my arms and some sort of long ass greenish black thing wrapped around Slender's neck. He was too shocked to keep shaking me I think, because he let go instantly , grabbed me by that. . .whatever it was and swung me into a crate. IT HURT LIKE HELL. Not the crate, but him grabbing whatever came out of my arm. . .

Ugh can't deal with this shit NOW! When I'm posting? Really? I'll be riiiight back. . .
Ha! There's your Valentines day present you tall son of a bitch.

I know you're watching this, so here's a message for you: NOW TRY AND FOLLOW ME!

Saturday, February 12, 2011

I worked up the nerve to try and escape, grabbed the back next to my bed, packed everything up. One Week is playing on my MP3.

I barricaded the door, and broke the window with one of the two batteries for this stupid laptop. I wonder when I got two batteries?. Well I shouldn't be posting now, they're trying to get in. Must've heard me, I mean I can hear them. Hehehe, I'M OUT OF HERE!

Time keeps on slip drippin' away.

Yep, my time and memories. I think it's been an hour since I made my last post, and God my memories are fading fast. Fucking business suit won't leave me alone, he's still outside, tying bags to trees. Nobody recycles anymore. And my door is still locked. Those . . uuuuuum. Those. . .guys, they locked it. I can tell.

I tried to distract myself, surf the web, but I can't get into the mood.

I've been reading through blogs I've been "Following" and apparently Blogger writes comments for you, because I didn't post anything, until today. Or did I? I probably made post here, but. . Iunno.

Anyway, acknowledgements. Because everyone seems to be a jerk today

Frappuchino: Yeah, I did what you said, then it all became a mess, and I lost focus of what I was writing.

NOOC, I don't think we where friends, you're sort of. . .can't put my tongue on it. You honestly don't seem like my type of person.

Kay, Well no shit I can't remember you.

God I just want to go home. Thing is I can't. . .really remember the address.
Oh fuck.

I have no idea what happened yesterday, I can't remember jack shit.

I'm in some fucking house in the middle of the woods. How many people are here? I think they're proxies.

When I woke up my computer was hooked up to an ethernet cable, and placed on a desk, like this was my room. I can't leave, I'm locked in. But I've got multiple windows, I can see outside, and I can hear everyone through this door.

There are garbage bags tied to trees, not too far out. I don't even want to know what's in them.

I can't remember a lot of stuff actually, I think it's all slipping away slowly. I almost forgot this accounts password. I'm going to use the digital sticky notes on my computer and write down the password and email address. Damn my head hurts.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Thursday, February 10, 2011


Is exactly how I feel.

We stopped for a few seconds, and I let a proxie grab me. He threw me in his trunk with my stuff, wherever I am, they have wifi.

Liam, I'm scared.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Ah shit shit shit. Cyn's in the LABYRITH!

Oh fuck, Slenderfag's got her back under control.

What to do what to do?

. . . shit.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Quick Update

Someone I took a picture of while Liam was driving.

Creeps like this just get on my nerves. And it seems like they're never the one's who have to suffer the consequences. Not them, nope, just innocent people become haunted.

I like your fucking logic Slenderfag.


Met up with Liam on Saturday night, at the designated Library.

Everything went smoothly, and here I was expecting to be intercepted by Skinny himself, which, I admit, is stupid.

Ah, it's good to have friends.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Bash Bros

Liam's coming. He's pissed and has weapons.

Soon as he gets here we're gonna look for NOOC, who also happens to be pissed. Those guys are scary when they're mad.

Friday, February 4, 2011


I told Allenby she could stay for three more days. So glad she didn't take me up on that offer. She's gone. All of her stuff and those damn clothes are too, along with one hundred dollars I've been saving. Why didn't she try to use me as a test subject you ask?

Because she didn't need to.

I left my computer open, she must have read every blog I've been following.

The Slender Man must be too preoccupied to deal with her. Can't say I miss having her around, even if it was only for a night, it was the scariest night of my LIFE.
This is bad. Shit really did hit the fan and hard.

Ava's hallucinating.

Will's gone.

Kaiju's at school. I can only hope those cultist kids don't get him.

Slice has these cryptic notes. . .

NOOC's blog has been taken over by some Bruder guy who talks in Brinary.

That last one is worrying because it doesn't seem like anyone knows who he is!

Ah shit this isn't good. Nothing is going right.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

I shouldn't have laughed at that.

I've been reading through all of the blogs I follow just to see if I've missed anything important


Frap totally stole NOOC's line.

It was funny. . .yet at the same time depressing because Frap doesn't usually talk that way.


So I took Will's advice and decided to directly approach the girl in the hoodie and ask her if I could help her. She answered my question, alright.

Turns out she's a Runner, in the sickest possible way. She told me she had never met anyone who blogged about It before, and that I could be a great test subject. I thought about "Sherry's" note and decided it was for the best if I just walked away. The woman followed me for the rest of the day until I got home and then she slipped in behind me.

She looked older than me, at least by a few years. I should have called the cops. I didn't. I should. I could.

She made herself feel right at home, taking off her hoodie the second she got into my living room. I was utterly shocked. The Operator symbol was EVERYWHERE. All over her clothes.

I told her to get out. Called her a "fucking proxy." Oh no, she's NOT a proxy. She's a sicko. We got to talking again, and she explained what's with her clothes while I held my shovel toward her to keep her away.

She's a "Scientist."

Her name is Allenby.

Some sort of swedish accent.

She purposefully decided to provoke H- It, after reading somewhere(she didn't tell me where) that lots of operator symbols cause anomalies in It's vision. As it turns out she wanted to test this to see if it where true. So she embroidered the operator symbol on her wardrobe and set out across the states in her car, staying with others who where aware and then up and ditching them after a certain period of time, leaving her camera behind, hidden somewhere.

She tells me out of the twenty people she stayed with on her trip, fifteen have died. Once she watches the tape she disposes of them and moves on.

I was honestly terrified, seeing as how my moms gone for two weeks what's to stop her from fucking forcing me to stay here? I tried to be calm and appear fearless telling her ''Well you're still a runner so you can stay here for a few days. I'll contact some other people and see if I can set you up with a better place.'' Well she didn't like the idea of me "allowing" her to do anything and now I have a black eye. I need to finish this before she gets out of the shower. . .

I'm Back.

I'll fill ya in later, just want you to know I'm okay.

And No Name didn't make that hoodie. Part of what I need to fill you in on is Hoodie. She bought it and sewed in the operator symbol herself. It's a long story. . .


So I hadn't been planning on telling anyone, seeing as how I don't know how much good it would do, but hoodie is at school. She keeps looking into the computer lab through the glass door, and then ducking behind the wall. She thinks I can't see her outside of my periph(Dane Cook. Don't love him, don't hate him.)

I can totally see her out of my periph though, she changed her jeans since yesterday but she's still got the same hoodie on. I know because this chick can't sit still. She keeps fidgeting around and turning on her heel. That operator thing is still like, right in the middle of her back.

So yeah. . .I'm going to use the second exit.

Is there any reason. . .

. . .to not like Tosh.0?

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Fashion Statement

My bus rides,train ride, and walk home is usually a fairly normal and uneventful routine I go through at the end of my day. Catching two buses, the metro, and then if I have any money left, blowing it on food, or in today's case soda. I look at people while I'm out and about, make it that much more entertaining. Wonder if they're someone I know on the internet, decide that's improbable, and then continue on. I don't like what I saw today.
This blond girl, I'm sure she couldn't see me. She was wearing this dark blue hoodie.
 And on the back? That circle thing with X inside, I forget what the others call it, that was placed right into the center of her back in gold. Well I got out of the station before she could. I don't think I want to know if it was a coincidence or not.

Okay. . .

Well, now I'm confused. "Sherry"(just as I'm not comfortable revealing my real name, I'm not going to up and post hers on the internet.), this quiet, reserved little bookworm of a girl, who I've known for about two months just passed me a sticky note in my World History class. There are three things causing my confusion

1) Who still uses Sticky Notes?

2) Why is Sherry of all people passing notes

3) The notes message in particular, ''Leave it alone.'' What the hell does that even mean? I wasn't bothering anyone or anything.

Before I go

Just an update before I go.

Megan Fox is not hot or sexy dammit. Sure she's not ugly, but I mean damn, I hate when my friends act like she;s the best looking girl in the world. I don't understand why everyone has a constant hard on for her, when I haven't even had one pertaining to the woman. It makes me feel like I'm surrounded by a bunch of cliche television teenagers.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011


No need for it now. Ava went out while Reach was asleep, brought back some weapons. I guess they're going to go ahead with this. . .now that they have firepower that should even the odds up a little. I just hope that they keep they're guard up when they're not together.

It's weird to worry like this about other people. . .

Long Live the Ice

So I've decided to try and be productive with this Blog. I know you're thinking "Harrison" or Yggy, why don't you make another blog? Well to tell you the truth I don't feel like doing that right now, I refuse to dedicate a single blog to just one subject. And no, I am so much more than a clip show.

I've decided to just make idle chatter, with Nobody In Particular(points if you get the refrence), about the lack of snow in my area. I guess we got enough of it last week, but I'm a teenager dammit. I want to avoid school as much as possible. Especially with MY grades. I'm not the academic type, never have been, never will be.

I'll update if it starts snowing over here. . .

Blog about It

 Well now, I've calmed down and I'm heading home, NO I'm not going to go through with the insane idea of going into the woods(without my shovel). Thank You Kaiju for stopping me, nah I'm going to the library because I can't  research this without other people around.

The London Librarian is freaking me out, I hope they're okay. I also hope Kaiju doesn't beat himself up over that kid. . .

Stroke of Brilliance.

By George, I think I’ve got it. They all say the same thing, all the same. The runners, the Isabel Initiative, it’s always ‘’Don’t go in the woods.’’
Well I figure, why play defense? I’ll just go on the offensive, during my walk home. I’ve been avoiding the woods near my route for some time after I learned about. . .it. Well that’s what’s wrong. I’ll just check out the woods after school. And if I find something. . .I don’t know, but this has got to be a better plan than lying awake every night shaking in fear, underneath the covers guessing if there really are eyes boring into you or if it’s your imagination.


I don't quite understand what it means to be courageous. Maybe courage is something you get at birth, or something that comes with age. I don't get how people like Zero, Frap, Kaiju, Ava, Reach, Sandra, ect, can not freeze up in pure terror when they come face to face with some sort of. . .fear feeding cosmic fuck. I heard some Revenants go nuts when they hear people fight back. Apparently it means humans are stepping out of their place. Weak is exactly how I feel when I read other blogs, when I hear the about The Reveanants, or delve into the damn Slender Man at ALL.