Out From The Black Forest.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Yggdrasil and Core's Bogus Journey Pt 2

As I was saying, before I was so rudely interrupted yesterday, I found out why the Proxies where able to follow me yesterday.

After I got slung around by Slendy, I just stayed there, on the warehouse floor, while he occasionally kicked me in the gut, and flipped me about.

It was painful, but I'm not in a bitching and moaning sort of mood, ya dig?. . .Did I just use the that phrase?

Anyway, I tried to block the pain out, it wasn't like an ordinary beating, he would reach inside of me and pull more of those greenish-black things out. Know what he used to make the incisions?

I'll give you a hint: it was for cutting boxes.

But I'm not going to complain because in reality, yes it did hurt. BUT, BUT, the wounds closed up perfectly later. After he was done kicking my ass, he gave my back tentacles a firm pull, and then disappeared. Let me tell you something, those things do NOT like to touch each other. At least not at first. I don't know why but the more he came into contact with them, the less it started to hurt and just turn annoying.

I wandered around for a long time after that, Proxies following thirty minutes behind. I actually felt. . .superior to them. It was weird, the fear they used to strike into me was gone without a trace.

At night I wandered into the woods, I didn't really have anywhere to stay and I felt . . .safer there. I don't think I stayed awake do to insomnia, but curiosity. I layed down and watched the stars for. . .

Doesn't matter.

Anyway, when I woke up my phone was lying next to me, it slipped out of my pocket. I don't know why but ever since the house it wasn't working. When I picked it up it was vibrating, it'd been doing that ever since I left, so I had THOUGHT it was broken. Then thirty minutes later I realized something after I left the woods. THE FUCKING PROXIES WHERE FOLLOWING MY PHONE.

I went full on tentaclimber and got the hell out of there, leaving my phone right where the trees began to get thick.

Yesterday I tried to tell you what happened but HE interrupted me, I had to go due to a huge fucking boulder flying my way. So yes, now you know EXACTLY what happened.

I wonder where Liam is? I'm in Boston now. . .waiting. Watchi- NO oh God that sounded too creepy. Uuuugh.


  1. If you need anything, ANYTHING, email me. I'll help you in any way I can, friend.

    You are in my neck of the woods!

    Word of advice: Stay in Boston proper. Avoid Jamacia Plain, Charlestown, and Roxbury.

    First and Last because they are dangerous all the time, and middle because it was the most proxified.

    Email in next comment. Contact if you want.

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  3. Avoid Charlestown because it's the most Proxiefied? Good, sounds like my kind of hang out, I could use some exercise.


    Its fucking weird man.

    The SUBURB is like a Proxy

    I don't even know what I'm saying but it feels true.

  5. The suburb. . .itself?

    Still I want to try something. I've got the tentacles down so I want to see what else comes along the way. I'll fill you in if I work up the nerve to go.

  6. I'll try to explain what I mean in a later post.

    Good luck, man.

  7. ...first off... Ygg, you may or may not remember me, that's fine. Second, Name's Shelby, obviously! Third, HOLYSHITTENTACLES. I read that, and proceded to shit a brick. By the way, you need to trust Liam, in case you don't remember. You were friends with both.

  8. Uh, with both? *headdesk* You and Liam were friends, is my point.

  9. I remember you Shelby, like I said. It's coming back in bits. I remember you where nice. I can't remember exactly what we talked about or how we me t.

    As for Liam, I remember driving around with him. Plus a handsaw and a car battery.

  10. I'm glad you remember me! Let's see... You prolly saw on of my comments on another blog, or something. Then you commented on mine, about my stalking.

    He thinks up the craziesst shit, but it works.


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