Out From The Black Forest.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Yggdrasil and Core's Bogus Journey

Hey everyone. God, I don't know whether to say "Nice to meet you." or "Good to see you again."

It's all coming back in bits. Sloppy, violent, headache inducing BITS! BIIIITS!

Anyway, if you where put off by my last post let me explain what I've been up too.

I spent all saturday on the run from Proxies, wherever I went they followed. Seriously I was starting to get agitated. Every single place, they'd show up about thirty minutes later. And me reliving my memories through hallucinations didn't help much.

In fact it was downright hindering. One second I'm grabbing my backpack and yelling for the guy to hold the bus so I could get just a lil' closer to Boston, the next second I'm typing up messages to Kaiju and Matt.

I don't remember when or where I fell asleep but I woke up on Sunday inside of a warehouse. Now here comes the part where you call me crazy, and dismiss this entire post, while I try to reason that, THIS SHIT IS THE TRUTH.

As I said, I woke up lying against a crate. When I opened my eyes, HE was there. Everything hurt. And yes. . .I do mean everything. It felt like something was violently working its way through me. I knew I couldn't run, and the way Slendy was looking at me convinced me there was no point. SO I decided to have a lil' fun. I'll rewrite what happened, just a note, ellipses are from when it was too painful to keep breathing.

Me: ...Its been, one week. . .since you looked at me. Cocked your head to the side and said I'm angry.

SM: . . .

Me/YC: Five days since you laughed at me saying. . . . . .get that together. . . .come back and see me.

That's exactly when I heard . . .him? I guess. It wasn't a voice like a monsters, no it was. . .serene? I heard his words as if they where my own thoughts.

SM: We've never spoken.

YC: I know. . .I'm singing.


YC:. . .Why? Why're you going to be a buzzkill?

SM:. . .

YC: . . .What did you do to me?

SM:. . .

YC: Answer. . . .the fucking. . .question.

SM: You where always this way.

YC: Excu-

I wasn' expecting him to really cut me off but. . .

SM: Youwerealwaysthisway.

YC: Woah, slow down, that hur-

SM: Youdonotknowwhatyouaredoinghatchling.Youwherealwaysthisway.Youwherealwaysthisway

YC: CALM DOWN!. . .Please.

I don't want to come off as a punk but it REALLY hurt, when he spoke to me that fast, that coupled with my own throbbing body was too much to handle. He hefted me up with a single tentacle, I didn't see his arm split. I was careless. Caught off guard.

SM: Youcouldbesomuchhappier.

YC: Let go of my collar.

He kept repeating the same thing over and over again until I snapped, huge holes tore into my arms and some sort of long ass greenish black thing wrapped around Slender's neck. He was too shocked to keep shaking me I think, because he let go instantly , grabbed me by that. . .whatever it was and swung me into a crate. IT HURT LIKE HELL. Not the crate, but him grabbing whatever came out of my arm. . .

Ugh can't deal with this shit NOW! When I'm posting? Really? I'll be riiiight back. . .


  1. YC, if your in MA, try to figure out where you are. If I can, I will do whatever I can to help you.

  2. *Sarcasim mode*Oh just jump up and down. If you see this freak with tentacles jutting out of his back then HEY that's me. . .

  3. what?

    *rereads post*

    on one hand, I feel really bad for you...I mean, I can't possibly understand what you are going through.

    on the other.

    You have tentacles coming out of your back? DUDE THATS AWESOME

    Can you control them?

  4. I can control them, yes. And no I'm not doc oc. It's back, the arms, the back of the legs. And the number of tentacles grows everytime I use them.

  5. ..............

    That...is awesome.

    Nevermind you getting your ass kicked by Slendy, we all do that. You have tentacles! That you can control! And they...

    Wait a second. Hatchling?

  6. Not gonna lie. Makes me shudder thinking about it. It really sounds like it hurts. But that's mostly the trypophobia talking...

  7. ha, ha, the paranormal extends beyond the forest's dominion

    make a fine addition to our foliage, tree of the norse

  8. Holy shite.

    You've grown tentacles?

    This is so crazy, I can't even believe it.

    We must meet. Now. -Liam.

  9. Hatchling.... He told me about you... -Lily


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