Out From The Black Forest.

Saturday, February 26, 2011


Last night I learned how to make Revenants and Hallow people out. I can't get it right, it's too fucking hard, and he hardly let me take a break THEN AGAIN, I probably won't EVER try to Hallow someone out ANYWAY. So we started traveling again, just walking around Indiana. I can see entrances to the other side now, hell I can MAKE them. Everytime he started stalking his prey I'd pop up and tackle him. Must've done that like three times. I wonder what the look on their faces where? A horrifying figure getting tackled by a fourteen year old, must've been confusing on SOME level.

Liam's pissed at me, despite the fact I did work something out for him.

He left me in a hammock and went to attack Shelby the bastard.

Right now I'm just contemplating where to go. Should I go help or stay here? The latter seems to be the best option. If I leave he'll probably do some seriously dickish moves while I'm gone.

Oh and the Proxie women are great to hang around. Best part is news travels fast so they can't even tell me to get lost while I bother them.


  1. I - wait, whoa, who attacked Shelby? The Slender Man or Liam?

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  3. Right, right. That makes more sense. Well, good luck, "Your Excellency". :)

  4. Alright, this whole "developing" slender powers is seriously starting to scare me. Not you, Yggy, just the concept. And that these abilities are going to come with one hell of a price is even more discomforting.

  5. Ah...Sorry, Ygg. Just trying to be cheerful.

  6. It's whatever. I'm going to go check out that party when it starts.


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