Out From The Black Forest.

Monday, February 28, 2011


Or ScenArio if you're a douchebag.

On our way to Texas Slender Blender the Gender Bender and I had another conversation. I had tried to just stay quiet, but he just HAD to go digging inside of my personal thoughts on how I was going to escape again.

S: There is no scenario where your heart will remain beating without me by your side.

Me: No scenario? I see fifty scenarios that's what it does, it puts me fifty moves ahead of you.

S:. . .What?

Me: Nothing I saw it on a commercial. I wanna see that movie. So hey, why're we going to the tree of life again?

S: To gather fruit for the Great Feast.

Me: Right. Not going to ask.

S: You're learning.

Me: You're ugly. What's new?

As we kept walking I turned away from the "Cage" knowing he'd follow me, so as long as I could divert his attention from the escape of that monster, I'd be in the clear.

Me: Where's Slice?

S: Not your concern.

Me: It's Slice, of course it's my concern! Ron and Pete are worried, and so am I.

S: They shouldn't be.

Me: So you're just going to be a giant ass are-

I was cut off when I tripped and almost fell down into a greenish blue lake covered by a log. Luckily he caught me...


Normally I would've complained when he talked like that but instead I just asked.

Me:Wh-what's wrong?Why do I need to be careful it's just water.

S: This isn't a liquid at all. This is the bridge.

Me: Clearly.

S: Not the log. The bridge between time-lines.

And then it hit me like a giant yellow schoolbus.

I'll fill you in later.


  1. You're traveling with the Slender Man?...I can't say it seems safe, but Ygg, at least you're confident and alive, yeah? Well. Looking forward to being filled in. ~Frap

  2. ...does this have something to do with Omega's time/space theory?

    ~ Branwen

  3. Slice has been returned to us, but he is not well.

  4. Oh...

    I guess...disregard my comment on my blog then. Not sure how much the question matters now...

    Sorry you guys...

    ~ Branwen


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