Out From The Black Forest.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Fashion Statement

My bus rides,train ride, and walk home is usually a fairly normal and uneventful routine I go through at the end of my day. Catching two buses, the metro, and then if I have any money left, blowing it on food, or in today's case soda. I look at people while I'm out and about, make it that much more entertaining. Wonder if they're someone I know on the internet, decide that's improbable, and then continue on. I don't like what I saw today.
This blond girl, I'm sure she couldn't see me. She was wearing this dark blue hoodie.
 And on the back? That circle thing with X inside, I forget what the others call it, that was placed right into the center of her back in gold. Well I got out of the station before she could. I don't think I want to know if it was a coincidence or not.


  1. It's called the operator symbol. Little triva factoid about it The Operator symbol is used in math. I forget it's actual name but if you wiki it I'm sure you'll find out more info.

  2. She's either a proxy or a runner.

    It's hard to tell with Operator smols whether they're good or bad.

  3. In mathematics, the symbol of a linear differential operator associates to a differential operator a polynomial by, roughly speaking, replacing each partial derivative by a new variable. The symbol of a differential operator has broad applications to Fourier analysis. In particular, in this connection it leads to the notion of a pseudo-differential operator. The highest-order terms of the symbol, known as the principal symbol, almost completely controls the qualitative behavior of solutions of a partial differential equation. Linear elliptic partial differential equations can be characterized as those whose principal symbol is nowhere zero. In the study of hyperbolic and parabolic partial differential equations, zeros of the principal symbol correspond to the characteristics. Consequently, the symbol is often fundamental for the solution of such equations, and are one of the main computational devices used to study their singularities.


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