Out From The Black Forest.

Saturday, April 30, 2011

Wouldn't it suck if...

It just like started POURING. If it. If it just like, started RAINING IT'S [dedacted] ASS OFF.(excuse my language)

...Dear God...I hope I didn't jinx this shit. I could never face Brennon or Aiden again.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Well it's Good to be Back.

Did you know every time you use the stick it ditches your ass? At first I thought I just lost it when I went to It's little castle pocket world(he's got a dungeon full of "special" kids from all over. Pretty decent collection, absolutely fabulous, I'm talking like, melt in your mouth fabulous).

Anyway I was starting to freak out, I thought I'd never get back again, the trees are all black over on his side so it's difficult to know exactly which stick is which. Luckily the stick changes color depending on which side you're on. Black here, white over there.

But now that I escaped, I lost the damn thing, I was only planning to use it to get away from his...whatever they're called. I wanted to go back. I'll find it eventually though, after I curl up for a nice, well deserved, mind altering, wonderful, nap.

Saturday, April 23, 2011


So I figured out what T.D.O's been hiding. They're like, some sort of mutated human. SSpecial humans that he's taken interest in, not humans that we barbecue up.

They're charcoal black, twisted and deformed. No head but lots of eyes on their distorted mangled bodies. Long arms. And...weird teeth.

Fox did you know about these things? If so please tell me how to run away from one. Rapido por favor.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011


I'm lost. I've been stuck in this crazy fucking...other world, and I can't find my way around and He's taking longer to get here then I thought. BUT, on the upside, I've got Wifi. Yeah don't ask me how that works because if you do, and I ever meet you, I'll hit you.

So...what's up peoples?

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Season 3: Tommorow Never Suits Up and Dies Again Forever for the First Time/The very definately final season that redeems the second season but still cannot really hold a candle to the first and has lost some viewers because of went down during the second season.

I'm prepared to use the stick now. I had gotten over my fear of using it a long time ago actually, the reason I hadn't blogged about it's powers is because, well, it didn't work.  Now you remember how Black Leaf or Allen had mentioned how each place has it's own sub realm? Well the Black Stick is suppose to open up a special sub-realm, but wouldn't do it over in Aiden's neck of the woods. At first I was boggled, so I tried to kill some time by trying to find out who Fakelight was, so I began to re-read The Network. Then it hit me. Schwarzwald. I have no Idea if that's what he/she was trying to get across, but I decided to try it anyway. Yeah I went to Germany. The black stick only works in the Black Forest. Makes sense right? I've used it, yeah, I'm staring into the portal right now. Just thought I'd get this post out of the way just in case I couldn't do it later.


Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Mmm Well

Probably going to say goodbye now. I've been wracking my brain trying to work horror into this action esque story for longer than you may think. I don't want to be the guy who stubbornly stands by what he knows is a steaming pile of crap.

It was fun writing this. But regardless Kelly Rosen can't just keep surviving forever, that sort of defeatys the point of his memories returning.

Uh, hmm. Well I don't think I'll very much leave the Mythos, but I'll at least come back when I'm a better writer(and to anyone saying "That'll never happen" in their heads right now, anything is possible with some effort, so keep those comments where they are;in your head).

So I'm going to clear up anything any one of my 36 followers may have been confused about.

Kelly is not a human with Slender Man powers.

Kelly is not a young Slender Man.

Kelly is indeed the Slender Man. He's wasn't formed as a seperate Tulpa, the thing I was implying was that he and five others where up-chucked from Slendy due to Tulpa twisting and distorting him in ways he could no longer handle on his own. Now. Aiden may be going for the Hatchling thing, and if that's the case I'm not going to force him to comply with this. And to anyone who dislikes this concept and is using the Dark One or ///It/// then feel free to say "Different Dark One'' or feel free to call Copper and Chrome fictional I won't protest.

Anyway, two of the pieces got absorbed into C&C's Dark One. Eventually I do plan for Kelly to permanantly re-merge with the Original Slendy, soon in fact, not eventually. I don't know about the ending though. I may post a poll asking who you think should absorb whom.

C&C's Slendy absorbing C&C's Dark One or the other way around. So I'll just get to making that poll right about now.

Edit: Oh and The Beast, well he never had a role in the story, his entire existance was suppose to work out like a "Now there's another monster on the loose" sort of thing. So if you were wondering about him, now you know. Meh even if Gen 4 sucks there's always hope for Gen 5 getting back into the horror, just like Gen V in Pokemon took a fresh start. I don't imagine that those Blogs would  have to ignore old characters like Gen V does, but maybe they will. Gives me the thought that they might write most of the old blogs off as fictional till the end. Y'know actually someone link me to a Blog like that, sounds like it'd be fun to read.

Monday, April 11, 2011

The Hunt

Is fucking awesome. I met up with a bunch of Proxy's at one of their houses. I half expected Star would be there, no such luck but aaaaaaah if I had done what I wanted to do to him(BUSTIN YOUR BAAAAAAAAAAALLS)
he probably would've hurt me. . .badly.

Anyway we've just been running around following and messing with these kids wherever they went, then I made it look like I'd leave them alone if they killed their friend who seemed to be acting as the head of the group. They did. Then later that night Nil comes in like a total fucking bad ass, stabs the chick in the eye, and Shark(who I haven't seen in what feels like forever) and Acid dog in on the other two.

Man you should've been there. You should've been there.

Edit: To any friends of Jake and Pollux Caster, Charlie Simmons, and  Susan Parker: Nananabooboo. I'm better than you, you. Stick your head in doo doo.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

You just got JACKED. Beoooooooootch.

So....what's a gamejackeR? I have a pretty good idea but I juuuuuuust wanna be sure.

To anyone reading, Live in the Light...why do I want to be friends with the epicness that IS Ben.

His latest post:http://liveinthelightfight.blogspot.com/2011/04/list-of-slices-blogs-and-my-thoughts.html


Oi! The fuck?

Someone's blog just up and vanished. MYSTEEEEEEEEEEEEERIOUS butnotreally.


I got the stick. Haven't used it yet though.

Yeah "Scared as shit" is a nice term to use for why I haven't used it.

I've been trying to avoid Aiden, Dean, and Candice as much as possible because well. . .things were said over Blogger. Things people should really say in person.

Yeah. . . I've got to find a way to bust Dean's balls as easy as Morningstar for the ''creepy tentacle boy ''thing. I'll think of something. But for now I'm going to sleep, I've been up all night running around with Proxies and Agents and I'm tired.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011


Hooraaaaaaaaaaay. Go Medium. Wish I could talk to Ghost.

Anyway, I'm on my way to Aiden's to get the "stick" from Todd whenever he shows up. Maybe he's already there.

Yeah so . . .I changed my password. I have NO idea where last post came from.

Naomi's new cure is apparently working. I wonder how long it'll last. It comes from a constant source (not someone's fucking BLOOD) so it probably won't cease to work when someone dies, but good luck managing not to kill a decent number of Proxies using it.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011


We remembered, just like that, and we sought each other out on the road.

Imagine if you will an ancient being, devouring fear like an unlimited energy source. Thriving off paranoia.

Near all-powerful, the bane of human-kind. It's source of life never being extinguished.

Now imagine it's one weakness something so simple. The more you think of this being that lives off your fear the more pain you cause it. The more you twist it in and out of shape.

To get rid of it's weakness what does it do? It attempts. To slice. It out.

And what does the largest chunk do once both entities have their weakness removed forever NO...turned into power? It rips more of itself out of the original.

Five pieces to be exact. Sucking them of the life force they need to thrive until they're barely able to cling to the human realm, then running off but not before doing the same to the original.

Dark One. Dark One is what they called it. It cast a more ominous and vicious shadow then the original.

The original puts these five other chunks into it's home realm to thrive for centuries. Why did he not reabsorb these pieces of his being? Because they were weak, why absorb a weak piece when that piece can grow and become stronger. What delays the process of their growth? Dark One? He acts as a siphon yes.

Enter the nineteen hundreds, its time. They've been ejected because at this time they'd be far more likely to grow outside of their home realm than they would inside. No siphon in the Human realm. A realm the original dubbed "Reality". Go figure.

Imagine one of the pieces reconnecting with the original. For hundreds of years a power gone unseen resurfaces. The Original One. Now imagine once more if you will The Original One confronting three of it's former pieces. Red girl, blue boy, DARK ONE! DARK ONE! DARK ONE!

The other piece being assimilated into his MIGHTY and VICIOUS shadow long ago.

The Original One makes quick work of the younger of the two pieces leaving them without consciousness for a great deal of the battle and proceeding onto the first piece. Then! Like that! The first piece takes into itself the blue boy. Gone. And now the DARK ONE has become mightier.

Quickly. The Proxy nearby follows The Original One's orders and proceeds to take the Red girl. Running off whereabouts unknown to the DARK ONE DARK ONE DARK ONE.

You cannot imagine knowing exactly how to get someone. Knowing the fear of everyone you've ever hunted down. Every single VERMIN  on this website, feeling the memory of the delicious bones of children drive you forward, and then having that robbed from you due to the massive power output of.  .  .THE DARK ONE.


God that sucked. What sucked? Fuck you, you don't deserve to know.

Todd tell me if you found the twig.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Now I realize.

I must. . .go back.

Thrust into existence with false memories when the prey theorized that, perhaps, the predator could be human in some way.

I was never meant to be.

I will return. To re-merge with who I once was.

The tall one shall be one again.

It's the only way to get back on track.

Right so...

Little mad right now. Dad up and killed Aiden's parents. Doesn't concern me, but it certainly makes things really complicated.

Alright well, time to go find him. I sure as hell hope Todd's good for something and brings me that twig or else our "conversation" will be cut short.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Physics is now your bi-

I wonder why I didn't fall off of Aiden and Brennon's roof while I was asleep.

Y'know I thought having these powers would make these crappy dreams go away. And all Dad had to say to that was "That was a weird one."

Funny, him talking is usually followed by getting your shit broke.

Anyway, short update is short. Peace.

Friday, April 1, 2011


Kelly and Aiden went to get some stuff about fifty minutes ago.

What could possibly be bad about that? They're coming back right?

Regardless I'm left here alone with Ygg's "dad" looking through the window at me. Its weird. I'm so scared I didn't log out from Ygg's laptop. He hates when I do this. Dang why is he just sitting there? I thought he was suppose to be far more aggressive then master.

 He took my powers, and then continued to torture me, so why is he here now? Didn't he get his fill?

I'm walking away.