Out From The Black Forest.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011


I'm lost. I've been stuck in this crazy fucking...other world, and I can't find my way around and He's taking longer to get here then I thought. BUT, on the upside, I've got Wifi. Yeah don't ask me how that works because if you do, and I ever meet you, I'll hit you.

So...what's up peoples?


  1. Resisting...sudden urge....to ask...

    Oh hey, new background.

    Things been okay I guess. Kinda embarrassed myself a couple days ago...

    But I'm good. Totally. (Really I am)

    Found some stuff at some abandoned building. Handed them all over to my friend who's probably beating herself up over figuring what the whole dealeo is. Kind of peeved at the whole Runner community. Seems like she's stressing herself out trying to flipping help everyone. All I here is how horrible this is, or poor that person. To say that I'm worried is a gross understatement. (Question: How does one convince somebody to not worry so much about other people without looking like even more of an ass?)

    On a bright note, I'm back home!

    And not dead!

    No one else is dead either. Hopefully things stay that way. Been taking a lot of long walks outside just to keep me calm through all this. Part of me wants to go back to that apartment in case I miss anything. Part of me wants to stay home forever. But whatever.

    Birthday's in a few days. Boy, I'm looking forward to that :|

  2. That background does not suit you.

    I'm cool. Spring break and all. More riddlers to deal with. Frap's gone. You know. Average apocalyptic scenario.

  3. Eat a dick. I'll put up whatever background I want. I wasn't talking to you two actually, but it's nice to see Steph's not crazy. ANYWAY. I wanted to hear from Aiden.

  4. I see. Well, we can't help you with that.

  5. Crazy? Ha!

    I may be a little weird, maybe even have a few loose wires, but I'm far from crazy.

    (so far at least)

  6. So... how do you have wifi?

    No wifin' in the club give me $20.

    Sorry just got back from going out with Taben's friends for the evening. He said I needed to get out and stop worrying about Bran.

    Good to see you're alive... even if you're fucking lost. You idiot. Stay safe man. Hope you get the frak outta there soon. At this point you're gonna miss Allen's birthday party AND my wedding.

    You jerk.

  7. Core, if there's any decency left in you, perhaps you should give Ron's blog a look.


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