Out From The Black Forest.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011


Hooraaaaaaaaaaay. Go Medium. Wish I could talk to Ghost.

Anyway, I'm on my way to Aiden's to get the "stick" from Todd whenever he shows up. Maybe he's already there.

Yeah so . . .I changed my password. I have NO idea where last post came from.

Naomi's new cure is apparently working. I wonder how long it'll last. It comes from a constant source (not someone's fucking BLOOD) so it probably won't cease to work when someone dies, but good luck managing not to kill a decent number of Proxies using it.


  1. Well this looks like news that Rebecca would've liked.

    But in any case, Medium is an awesome series. Even though I don't think I want to see any ghosts any time soon.

    This makes me think back to the times when I tried sneaking into abandoned buildings, hoping to run into some clues related to ghosts xD

    God I was such a sucker.

  2. I wonder if Nil did as I recommended to him. That will be the determining factor for the "cure."

  3. You...

    Words can not fucking describe.


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