Out From The Black Forest.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Mmm Well

Probably going to say goodbye now. I've been wracking my brain trying to work horror into this action esque story for longer than you may think. I don't want to be the guy who stubbornly stands by what he knows is a steaming pile of crap.

It was fun writing this. But regardless Kelly Rosen can't just keep surviving forever, that sort of defeatys the point of his memories returning.

Uh, hmm. Well I don't think I'll very much leave the Mythos, but I'll at least come back when I'm a better writer(and to anyone saying "That'll never happen" in their heads right now, anything is possible with some effort, so keep those comments where they are;in your head).

So I'm going to clear up anything any one of my 36 followers may have been confused about.

Kelly is not a human with Slender Man powers.

Kelly is not a young Slender Man.

Kelly is indeed the Slender Man. He's wasn't formed as a seperate Tulpa, the thing I was implying was that he and five others where up-chucked from Slendy due to Tulpa twisting and distorting him in ways he could no longer handle on his own. Now. Aiden may be going for the Hatchling thing, and if that's the case I'm not going to force him to comply with this. And to anyone who dislikes this concept and is using the Dark One or ///It/// then feel free to say "Different Dark One'' or feel free to call Copper and Chrome fictional I won't protest.

Anyway, two of the pieces got absorbed into C&C's Dark One. Eventually I do plan for Kelly to permanantly re-merge with the Original Slendy, soon in fact, not eventually. I don't know about the ending though. I may post a poll asking who you think should absorb whom.

C&C's Slendy absorbing C&C's Dark One or the other way around. So I'll just get to making that poll right about now.

Edit: Oh and The Beast, well he never had a role in the story, his entire existance was suppose to work out like a "Now there's another monster on the loose" sort of thing. So if you were wondering about him, now you know. Meh even if Gen 4 sucks there's always hope for Gen 5 getting back into the horror, just like Gen V in Pokemon took a fresh start. I don't imagine that those Blogs would  have to ignore old characters like Gen V does, but maybe they will. Gives me the thought that they might write most of the old blogs off as fictional till the end. Y'know actually someone link me to a Blog like that, sounds like it'd be fun to read.


  1. I almost want to click The Rake. ALMOOOOST.

    Are you going? That's sad. But whatever you feel is best for you.
    You were fun, even if I got severely agitated at the character sometimes.

    And hey! If we make it to see Gen 5 emerge, Aiden and I will look out for one of those and send it your way.

    And yeah...I was wondering about the beast monster thing.

    I'm still a tad confused on the pieces of Slendy concept. Is The Dark One also a fragment? I feel like this isn't that hard to get, but I'm failing at it anyways. :D

  2. I'm not sure what will happen. Bran's player brought me into this so I'll be talking with her and swapping ideas.

    As I've said in her OOC post, you're welcome to join in with us and swap around thoughts and ideas. The more cooperative persons in a storyline the bettr and more realistic it usually is, or so I think. I personally like having others to bounce ideas off of and stuff.

    whatevr yoy plan and decided to do, good luck and most importantly, have fun. :3

  3. He said he's coming back when he thinks he's a better writer, till then. Wait...why am I sad? We have each other on Messenger, I'm good.

  4. Yah, I'm on right now Nil.

    ANYWAY, As long as someone wears a baseball cap in Gen V, I'm good.

  5. Well this is sad. Oh well. You will be missed.

  6. You're not a crappy writer. Ive really enjoyed the story you've written and I think Kelly is awesome. I'm sad you're going but I hope you'll come back. Thanks for being amazing!

  7. I want to say, I was actually a fan of the blog. Yeah, to be completely honest, at times the writing wasn't very good, and the plot could get jumpy and difficult to follow. Even so, I enjoyed it. There was a lot more fun to it than many other blogs out there; it was a refreshing break from the grim seriousness of the other blogs. Your characterization of Kelly was one of the blog's strongest points, and the writing had moments where it was extremely high quality.

    Also, I think you got a lot of undeserved crap for the Hatchling deal. Some parts could have been handled better, but I think that you did a good job of avoiding making Kelly a Mary Sue; and when his powers did start to grow stronger, you countered it by making it fully clear that this was a bad thing, and Kelly was slipping down the crazy slope. And the idea of Tulpas breaking off is something which I feel would have had a lot of potential to it.
    Unfortunately, a lot of people just went "HE HAS SLENDER TENTACLES HE IS MARY SUE", which always annoyed me.

  8. Read um, Sabrina's post, Intruder reabsorbed Dennis, to be reabsorbed by Kelly in turn, so yeah I should have made that clearer, but I thought I DID make it clear enough that he had no power to seize the body like Dennis and Kelly did.

    Fuck, don't care.

    Thanks Omega.

  9. "Read um, Sabrina's post"

    That was one of the biggest failings of this blog; too much unexplained interconnectivity. Having a story cross over multiple blogs is fine, but there needs to be indication for the readers to see that the crossover is taking place. I haven't yet gotten a chance to read Sabrina's blog, and as such I was completely unaware of any post which she had made about this before now.


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