Out From The Black Forest.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Season 3: Tommorow Never Suits Up and Dies Again Forever for the First Time/The very definately final season that redeems the second season but still cannot really hold a candle to the first and has lost some viewers because of went down during the second season.

I'm prepared to use the stick now. I had gotten over my fear of using it a long time ago actually, the reason I hadn't blogged about it's powers is because, well, it didn't work.  Now you remember how Black Leaf or Allen had mentioned how each place has it's own sub realm? Well the Black Stick is suppose to open up a special sub-realm, but wouldn't do it over in Aiden's neck of the woods. At first I was boggled, so I tried to kill some time by trying to find out who Fakelight was, so I began to re-read The Network. Then it hit me. Schwarzwald. I have no Idea if that's what he/she was trying to get across, but I decided to try it anyway. Yeah I went to Germany. The black stick only works in the Black Forest. Makes sense right? I've used it, yeah, I'm staring into the portal right now. Just thought I'd get this post out of the way just in case I couldn't do it later.



  1. Take care, and stay safe. For love of the Goddess please stay safe.


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