Out From The Black Forest.

Thursday, April 7, 2011


I got the stick. Haven't used it yet though.

Yeah "Scared as shit" is a nice term to use for why I haven't used it.

I've been trying to avoid Aiden, Dean, and Candice as much as possible because well. . .things were said over Blogger. Things people should really say in person.

Yeah. . . I've got to find a way to bust Dean's balls as easy as Morningstar for the ''creepy tentacle boy ''thing. I'll think of something. But for now I'm going to sleep, I've been up all night running around with Proxies and Agents and I'm tired.


  1. Meh, it's alright. I don't expect anyone to use weird things like once they get ahold of it. Still, that's nice to hear I guess. Get some rest dude, you deserve it :P

    And sorry to hear about all the drama and shit. The internet is srs business aparently, but don't let those assholes get you down. Them people are just jealous.

  2. I'm awake. I meant, me calling Candice hot.

  3. Dude, seriously? I mean, why? Why avoid us becaue of teasing Sis? Seriously. Tell her in person. Fuck why not just ask her out and shit? You like her she likes you. You're all crazy really.

    And I'll help you figure something out with Dean. No worries there.

  4. I'm not ready jeez. Don't pressure me Aiden.

  5. Sorry, didn't mean to pressure you.

    Well she's beat the hell outta Dean and I now. You have that much at least?


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