Out From The Black Forest.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011


We remembered, just like that, and we sought each other out on the road.

Imagine if you will an ancient being, devouring fear like an unlimited energy source. Thriving off paranoia.

Near all-powerful, the bane of human-kind. It's source of life never being extinguished.

Now imagine it's one weakness something so simple. The more you think of this being that lives off your fear the more pain you cause it. The more you twist it in and out of shape.

To get rid of it's weakness what does it do? It attempts. To slice. It out.

And what does the largest chunk do once both entities have their weakness removed forever NO...turned into power? It rips more of itself out of the original.

Five pieces to be exact. Sucking them of the life force they need to thrive until they're barely able to cling to the human realm, then running off but not before doing the same to the original.

Dark One. Dark One is what they called it. It cast a more ominous and vicious shadow then the original.

The original puts these five other chunks into it's home realm to thrive for centuries. Why did he not reabsorb these pieces of his being? Because they were weak, why absorb a weak piece when that piece can grow and become stronger. What delays the process of their growth? Dark One? He acts as a siphon yes.

Enter the nineteen hundreds, its time. They've been ejected because at this time they'd be far more likely to grow outside of their home realm than they would inside. No siphon in the Human realm. A realm the original dubbed "Reality". Go figure.

Imagine one of the pieces reconnecting with the original. For hundreds of years a power gone unseen resurfaces. The Original One. Now imagine once more if you will The Original One confronting three of it's former pieces. Red girl, blue boy, DARK ONE! DARK ONE! DARK ONE!

The other piece being assimilated into his MIGHTY and VICIOUS shadow long ago.

The Original One makes quick work of the younger of the two pieces leaving them without consciousness for a great deal of the battle and proceeding onto the first piece. Then! Like that! The first piece takes into itself the blue boy. Gone. And now the DARK ONE has become mightier.

Quickly. The Proxy nearby follows The Original One's orders and proceeds to take the Red girl. Running off whereabouts unknown to the DARK ONE DARK ONE DARK ONE.

You cannot imagine knowing exactly how to get someone. Knowing the fear of everyone you've ever hunted down. Every single VERMIN  on this website, feeling the memory of the delicious bones of children drive you forward, and then having that robbed from you due to the massive power output of.  .  .THE DARK ONE.


  1. Wow I really freaked out there. .

  2. Uhm... dude... what the hell is going on...?

    It's kinda creeping me out. Just a tad bit.

  3. Think about it, Aiden.

    Joce. I'm not in the mood.

  4. If you're saying you want me to merge with Slender Man then.. uhm.. no. No a gazillion fucking times no. Da told me I could wait it out. I have more important things to handle right now. I'm going to get all this shit with my parents and brother and sister hammered out and then I'm just going to live my fucking life and do what I planned.

    I am not going to become part of a monster that kills shit.

  5. Did I tell you to do that? No. I'm just explaining where we come from. And you sir just insulted yourself.

  6. ...right...

    I guess I see now... kind of. Fuck.

    So It's the cowardly little bitch that wouldn't split because it wanted the uper hand..

    that's how I'm reading this anyways.

    Either way it just kind of. I guess it makes sense. We're all a part of Him. But It has no other parts floating around.

  7. You feeling okay? ~Rose
    PS I have Dissociative identity disorder. Lily is my other personality, my Alter. Lily's been Hollowed, while I am not.

  8. I'm feeling. . .fine. I'd prefer to speak with Lily empty eyes.

    Aiden, It is a part of him too. It's just gotten so strong. It sucked everything we had away during the initial split. That's why he has the Upper hand. And he has two "Hatchling" powers now.

  9. It's all making my head hurt thinking about it.... though that may be Todd as well. I'll never get used to this telepathich shit...


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