Out From The Black Forest.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Well it's Good to be Back.

Did you know every time you use the stick it ditches your ass? At first I thought I just lost it when I went to It's little castle pocket world(he's got a dungeon full of "special" kids from all over. Pretty decent collection, absolutely fabulous, I'm talking like, melt in your mouth fabulous).

Anyway I was starting to freak out, I thought I'd never get back again, the trees are all black over on his side so it's difficult to know exactly which stick is which. Luckily the stick changes color depending on which side you're on. Black here, white over there.

But now that I escaped, I lost the damn thing, I was only planning to use it to get away from his...whatever they're called. I wanted to go back. I'll find it eventually though, after I curl up for a nice, well deserved, mind altering, wonderful, nap.


  1. Are you a fan of Kingdom Hearts by any chance? If you are you deserve some win points.


  2. I'd ask Todd to help you out with finding it again, but Rat has Todd. Because Rat's a jackass.

    ~ Branwen

  3. I'll look around Germany for a bit.

  4. Is it like pure black? similar to... this?

  5. Fail... hyperlink didn't work... Taben found a black stick in thte woods on one of his excurstions in the woods. He didn't keep it as hesuddenly had to run for his life. I've never seen a scik look like this naturally, we only have video caps of it. I'll post them to my blog.

    Funny thing is... I think that's what drove me to that tree.... Caus I aw those on the video and all I could do was be pissed that Taben didn't bring the stick, and I want to go and get that stick.

    I NEED that stick.


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