Out From The Black Forest.

Recorded Tulpa Information

List of Known Tulpa’s originating from the Black Forest

Der Ritter: The spawn of another strange entity in the Black Forest, this one hunted down children who hid a misdeed from their parents, under the assumption that doing something wrong prevents Humans from loving their children. It was previously THE most powerful entity in all of Germany. Feast off fear, which makes it stronger, however it is also directly tied to the power of the human mind, meaning it can grow stronger or weaker depending on the mental state of any targets.
The Slender Man/ Die Kälte und Ordentlich: The largest portion of Der Ritter and fourth most powerful Abnormal entity originating from Germany. Few things kill it, let alone harm it, and even though age takes it’s toll on the beast, it will not succumb to it either. Extraordinary mental capabilities, favors a technique in which he purposefully prolongs and enhances the fear of his prey. Is given youth and power with fear. Extremely sensitive to the objects specifically designed to kill him, but has a high tolerance to pain otherwise. Extremely vicious and also adept at hiding. One of his impersonated him at the Stirling City Library Blaze.
Has a hunting success record of 96% and rising.

 Der Dunkle/  Die Schnelle/The Dark One
The single most powerful spawn of Der Ritter and the most powerful Abnormal Entity originating from Germany. Extremely dangerous.  Dunkle employs less Mental Prowess than the aforementioned Slender Man, and utilizes brute strength. It’s faster than most of it’s kind, but has incredibly low tolerance to pain. Not adept at hiding, most of the sightings of the Slender Man are Der Dunkle, for lack of a better term, day dreaming, before leaving the area. His existence is kept on the down low, by the Slender Man, which is the primary reason that more prey than originally planned are being added to the Slender Man’s hunting game. Despite their uncanny resemblance, they can easily be depicted when hostile, as Der Dunkle draws on tendrils that are bent, twisted, and deformed.

Kelly Rosen/ Die Bösen Mädchen
The youngest and tenth most powerful abnormal entity originating from Germany, extremely unstable. He employs more physical power than the Slender Man but more mental prowess than Der Dunkle(while still laughably low, given that he doesn’t have ridiculous brute strength to make up for it.)
Kelly is proficient in traveling long distances in a short amount of time with various tears in the dimensional fabric of time and space. He doesn’t excel at making Proxy.

The Myres Siblings: No data recorded