Out From The Black Forest.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011


God that sucked. What sucked? Fuck you, you don't deserve to know.

Todd tell me if you found the twig.


  1. Ugh! Where the hell are you? I saw this on Taben's phone but I couldn't get the damned thing to let me post. Fucking hells. What's going on. Will you please talk to me about this? What's going on, man?

  2. I remerged with Slendy. Yeah no such things as Hatchlings, we ARE
    "The Slender Man"

    I get it. Sort of like the tulpa affect. We- I must have been brought into existence due to some theory. But which one? Anyway turns out my-our other half supported this. We tried to come together and fight T.D.O but to no avail. We split again after he knocked the living shit out of us.

    Yeeeeeeeeeah I might post full details later.

  3. ...I'm so fucking confused it's not funny....


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