Out From The Black Forest.

Thursday, February 10, 2011


Is exactly how I feel.

We stopped for a few seconds, and I let a proxie grab me. He threw me in his trunk with my stuff, wherever I am, they have wifi.

Liam, I'm scared.


  1. Ok, Yggy. First of all are you still in the trunk? You need to try and kick out the brake lights. If you can do that you try sticking a hand or foot out of the hole and wave at other cars to let them know you've been kidnapped. Also see if there is any kind of an inner trunk release.

  2. Alright, I'll try. Thank God we stopped moving.

  3. Also feel around in there, see if there's anything you can use to defend yourself, like a car jack or other random tools people keep in trunks.

  4. Holy shit, when did this happen?

    Stay strong, man. Get out of there ASAP.

  5. Kay is absolutely right. If you're still in there, kick out those lights.
    And grab any object in there to harm/surprise them.

  6. YC, run run run. You have to survive. I can't let the people who I've watched day by day die. And by watch I mean read their blogs.

  7. Most trunks have an emergency release. Even if they don't, break lights!

    you have a phone?


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