Out From The Black Forest.

Friday, February 4, 2011

This is bad. Shit really did hit the fan and hard.

Ava's hallucinating.

Will's gone.

Kaiju's at school. I can only hope those cultist kids don't get him.

Slice has these cryptic notes. . .

NOOC's blog has been taken over by some Bruder guy who talks in Brinary.

That last one is worrying because it doesn't seem like anyone knows who he is!

Ah shit this isn't good. Nothing is going right.


  1. Except that I'm going to devastate some proxies and even Slendy with two things. Car battery. Handsaw. And not in that specific order.

  2. Liam don't do anything that could get you killed.

  3. @Yggdrasil I won't.

    Also, we should meet in the near future for the purposes of working together.

  4. Amen to that.

    If you see any proxies on the way, give them hell from the Great White North.

  5. @Yggdrasil Definetley.

    My supplies are:

    -A crowbar
    -Jar of Slendy Substance (half)
    - couple energy drinks
    -Chocolate bars
    -Two daggers make from a broken pair of hedge clippers

    -Car battery with positive and negative connectors.*

    Of course. -Liam.


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