Out From The Black Forest.

Thursday, February 17, 2011


He fucking kicked my ASS! AGAIN! I Hate him. I HATE him. I hate THIS it's not fair. I can't win! I CAN'T WIN! FUCK YOU! FUCK YOU!

Well you're probably wondering what happened. . .alright well. After I last commented on Cyn's blog, I saw him.

He wasn't just staring at me through the window, no. He looked up at me(fifth floor.) and actually made the ''come here'' sign with his finger.

I fucking lost it, releasing every single fucking tentacle I had(30 before the fight.), and let me tell you it hurt. A LOT. To use that many.

I jumped out the window, screaming like a lunatic, crashing down on him. He hefted me up and smacked his in the side of the head, by letting my right arm split into four more tentacles(which, to be honest, I didn't know was possible.) Of course he doesn't have a face but. . .in the back of my head I knew he was smiling. . fucker.

He grabbed a handful of the tentacles from my back and tugged me around like a rag doll smacking me into a fire hydrant, head first, when he was done. It hurt like hell, and I'm surprised I'm okay.

After that he RIPPED another handful of tentacles out of my back and placed them on his chest, where they fucking STAYED fucking traitors.

Bastard started lecturing me mentally about how I "wasn't using my full potential. And needed to respect my elders." I snapped, screaming at the top of my lungs, trying to hit him in the head with one of the arm replacements, didn't work out so well. He caught it, and as soon as it made contact with him it began to sizzle and pop, bubbling down it's length until it was a stub. Nobody deserves to know what that feels like. . .

He left me there screaming in agony and begging for mercy. It was only until the fight was over did I notice the proxies around me where laughing.

Slender Man gave me an oppurtunity to silence them, and yes, in a moment of weakness I asked  him how. And then. I think he showed me.  He jabbed one of his tentacles into my back, and I. . .I think I could see EVERYONE, not every one in the entire world, but, the bloggers, it was insane, it was brief, and it made me want to do it again.

I couldn't do it again. I knew that, somewhere deep down, I knew. I forced his probe out of my back with my own appendages. When I couldn't see everyone anymore I saw him turning on his own proxies.

I don't know what happened after that, I fled. I fled back inside, leaving the door unlocked, while my middle arm tentacle regenerated itself. THAT'S something the back tentacles could never do. I left the door unlocked because, he'd find a way in anyway. It would be. . .futile to try and hide.

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