Out From The Black Forest.

Thursday, February 3, 2011


So I took Will's advice and decided to directly approach the girl in the hoodie and ask her if I could help her. She answered my question, alright.

Turns out she's a Runner, in the sickest possible way. She told me she had never met anyone who blogged about It before, and that I could be a great test subject. I thought about "Sherry's" note and decided it was for the best if I just walked away. The woman followed me for the rest of the day until I got home and then she slipped in behind me.

She looked older than me, at least by a few years. I should have called the cops. I didn't. I should. I could.

She made herself feel right at home, taking off her hoodie the second she got into my living room. I was utterly shocked. The Operator symbol was EVERYWHERE. All over her clothes.

I told her to get out. Called her a "fucking proxy." Oh no, she's NOT a proxy. She's a sicko. We got to talking again, and she explained what's with her clothes while I held my shovel toward her to keep her away.

She's a "Scientist."

Her name is Allenby.

Some sort of swedish accent.

She purposefully decided to provoke H- It, after reading somewhere(she didn't tell me where) that lots of operator symbols cause anomalies in It's vision. As it turns out she wanted to test this to see if it where true. So she embroidered the operator symbol on her wardrobe and set out across the states in her car, staying with others who where aware and then up and ditching them after a certain period of time, leaving her camera behind, hidden somewhere.

She tells me out of the twenty people she stayed with on her trip, fifteen have died. Once she watches the tape she disposes of them and moves on.

I was honestly terrified, seeing as how my moms gone for two weeks what's to stop her from fucking forcing me to stay here? I tried to be calm and appear fearless telling her ''Well you're still a runner so you can stay here for a few days. I'll contact some other people and see if I can set you up with a better place.'' Well she didn't like the idea of me "allowing" her to do anything and now I have a black eye. I need to finish this before she gets out of the shower. . .


  1. Dude...I have absolutely no advice.

  2. Well she's asleep in my room now. I'm considering burning those clothes with the symbol on them.

  3. Fuck I'm sorry man. . . Find away to restrain her. And then call the police. Play ignorant of SM, and let them cart her crazy ass off to a an asylum. Do it on a cell phone though she may have cut your main phone line.

  4. Will, where are you? Bianca's worried. I know you probably posed this before you were taken but if you can see this tell me you're alright.


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