Out From The Black Forest.

Friday, February 25, 2011


Through the Other Side.

I didn't really expect another mode of transportation, but I wasn't really expecting to get here this quick. We're in Westfield, Indiana, checking out the blogs. Morningstar is such a joke. Slendershit, oh wait, ''The Great Tall One.'' doesn't care about him.

Black Leaf is about to be pulled out, and replaced by some . . .I don't even want to call that thing we saw an Animal. It'd be insulting. Word to the Wise, GET THE FUCK OUT OF DODG- I mean. . .Boston. Unless you really need to stay there, then I suggest buying a fucking tranquilizer gun, or hoping against hope Black Leaf gets to stay.

Al(X)ne's going to be my superior from now on according to Skinny, so I guess I'll have to put up with him. God he's seems like such a prick.

Crow hacked Bran's blog. Bran took it back.

Nothing to say really, I have to wrap this up. We've got more walking to do.


  1. Digging the new background. Hope you don't overheat or whatever.

  2. Gotta say, I like it too. But for nerdy, MSPA-related reasons.

    Indiana? That's where Zeke said Damien was...

    And ugh. Crow. I'm still waiting for this package he was talking about...

    ~ Branwen

  3. @Branwen
    That's exactly why. Hmm, I wonder if Slendy is just trying to find a kismesis?

  4. Ygg, why the hell are you in Westfield?

  5. Welcome to the family. How do you enjoy traveling with Father?

  6. Al(x)ne, that guy pulling BL's strings? Yikes. Well, he might be a prick, but if he's high up in Slender Man's ranks, try not to cross. There's probably a very good reason he's made that far.

  7. Sorry to double post, but BL's getting replaced by something worse? Well, shit. I better free myself from the Mark soon, then.

  8. At the moment, Black Leaf's position is secure as long as he maintains order in Boston.

    It will be...interesting, working with you, boy. I think we can just be the greatest of friends.

  9. Be careful. I'm pretty new to this stuff, but I'm pretty sure this can't be good.

  10. The Hellhound fell and a new monstrousity comes to Boston. This bodes ill.

  11. This doesn't just bode ill, Pete. This bodes "royally screwed".

  12. You don't know how right you are Ron, that thing is. ..

    Nevermind, anyway, Kaiju I'm here in Westfield because if he breaks his promise he'll probably go after you first. Can't let that happen.


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