Out From The Black Forest.

Thursday, February 17, 2011


And now, I wait for my partner. In this dinky little apartment building. Lemme tell you it was difficult getting this place.

I had enough money for Febuary and Boston's rent, but you see, I'M STILL fourteen.

I spent a lot of time on Sunday, trying to figure out how to use these tentacles, Sunday night, I decided to try something else. I meditated, trying to get in touch with myself. I remember being very depressed about having to sleep on the streets. As I wallowed in self pity that's when my tentacles embraced me. I couldn't control it. I started struggling as I wrapped myself in my own appendages, and then...it was dark. I woke up a little bit later, according to my watch, next to a glass window.

Yeah, imagine my surprise when I looked like that old man across the street. Y'know the one that always wants to pick you up when your small and ask you to do yard work when you aren't? Yeah, I spent hours rubbing myself down with my tentacles trying to get back to normal. After that, I spent monday just walking around trying to turn into different people.

Eventually I got myself to look hot which, I admit, was difficult. Not that I'm unactractive in my base form.  . .I mean, I like the way I look. Whatever fuck off.

Anyway, I did manage to get a room in this sketchy building, I say sketchy because, I'm pretty sure grown-ups have to wait to move into apartments, or have to have jobs before they get in, all I did was present the land lord with stolen Benjamins before he gave me a warm welcome. By warm welcome I mean a hug with alcohol on his breath.

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