Out From The Black Forest.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Time keeps on slip drippin' away.

Yep, my time and memories. I think it's been an hour since I made my last post, and God my memories are fading fast. Fucking business suit won't leave me alone, he's still outside, tying bags to trees. Nobody recycles anymore. And my door is still locked. Those . . uuuuuum. Those. . .guys, they locked it. I can tell.

I tried to distract myself, surf the web, but I can't get into the mood.

I've been reading through blogs I've been "Following" and apparently Blogger writes comments for you, because I didn't post anything, until today. Or did I? I probably made post here, but. . Iunno.

Anyway, acknowledgements. Because everyone seems to be a jerk today

Frappuchino: Yeah, I did what you said, then it all became a mess, and I lost focus of what I was writing.

NOOC, I don't think we where friends, you're sort of. . .can't put my tongue on it. You honestly don't seem like my type of person.

Kay, Well no shit I can't remember you.

God I just want to go home. Thing is I can't. . .really remember the address.


  1. Hurm.

    This is bad.
    Did he get his memory wiped...? Like Robert...?
    Or is it just a concussion?

    Hi! Yggdrasil!

    It's ok! Just trust us. We know what we're doing. I think.

    By the way, Frap isn't exactly short for Frappuccino. I think. I don't know much either. Anyway. Um. Go back and read everything on this blog again? That might help some. And then some of the others. I suppose. It sohuld at least show you some relationships.



  3. @Nooc

    I don't. Fucking. SEE anything HERE! Not before the last post.

  4. oh, see well that makes some sense now. if possible, read up on my blog, try to find your comments. anything to jog your memory really.

    or if you still think im an insufferable ass-wipe, you can just go try to figure this conundrum out on your own.

    Lord knows im not gonna rape you with help. if you want help, i can give it, but you need to calm down and accept it first.

  5. I don't need help, I can see my comments, just not any other post.

    I don't NEED to figure anything out. I just need to get the hell out of here. . .Hmm maybe this charger if swung hard enough can break the window. . .nah I think I need something else.

  6. By the by, no not Ass- Wipe. . .that's disgusting.

  7. Stay calm, friend.

    Do you have anything to break the window with?

    Worst comes to worst, the battery pack in an average laptop is sturdy enough to block a shotgun shot, it should be good enough to break a window.

    Be careful! They don't seem nice, but all these people know you and care about you.


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