Out From The Black Forest.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Season 2

The one that can't hold a candle to Season 1 and 3 but people still pay attention to ANYWAY. Let's kick it off with a RECAP. So like I said. I'd fill you in later. Let it continue.

Me: This PLACE! That's how! This is why you were spotted in Egypt and Germany. It all makes sense now.

S: Good theory. A wrong one, but good. Very good.

Me: Are you kidding?

S: No. I really WAS in Egypt and Germany for a very very long time. Look back to the oldest of the old in recorded history and you will find, my trace.

Me: Well damn. What's this bridge for then?

S: People like you.

Me: You mean hatchlings?

S: Precisely. This is a place for knowledge and experience. For you to go on all of my endeavors and learn from them.

Me: Then why didn't you let me fall?

S: Because you're too young. You're heart would've given out.

Me: I guess I get it.

S: You can not post this online. If the existance of the Bridge spreads around, then it will be comprimised. Not a single person  needs the knowledge that they can muddy the timeline.(take a wild guess about WHY I left so suddenly yesterday.)


  1. Oh! You should go back and take a SWIM! I bet you could save just about everybody, who's been taken down, walking around, don't you frown!

  2. So Iggdrasil really does exist, and you can rearrange the timeline from there. Don't mess with it, Core.

  3. I won't. I wasn't really planning on it unless something AWFUL, and I mean awful happened.

  4. I wish I could actually tell you to punch his balls into his throat. But now you're just a mindless little bitch to Him.

  5. HEY LIAM. Read my comment on Black Leaf's blog. Should be the post about the pieces and what not. Read it. Get it memorized and then get back to fucking work.


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