Out From The Black Forest.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Initial Shock.

Now that it's gone, I want to discuss what else was in the suitcase. A bunch of papers with (X) all over them, not surprisingly. I mean it's a Slender tool.

Now the interesting thing is this journal. It's really old, but. . .it's about yours truly. I've read through it, and I'll post the entries when I can. It doesn't get really weird until . . the middle part. There are colorless pictures in here. Has anyone been to TV tropes? Follow the link to Something Awful if they give it. As we know that's not where he was born. Stupid Victor Surge. . .

There's a picture with kids lining up, playing on the playground and a boy looking directly at the camera. . . .They're all. . .tucked into this journal. I have to post this stuff, so without further explanation.  Here's the diary of Harold Samson. This kid is. . .he was nine years old. He was so smart, and his handwriting is spot on. . .

The first entry isn't that long, but I need to post it, I need to keep posting these entries so you can understand how weird they get later on. Well . . .I guess you get it, Slendy stalked him, and things got bad. But I'm going to show you HOW.

Entry 1

Mommy bought me this journal but, only girls make diaries. But my parents do not have a lot of money so I'm going to write in it. I don't care if people call me a girl. So dear diary, my name is Harold, and we're going to be friends until you run out of pages okay? I'm in the third grade, and my best friends name is Davis, he's eleven, but he's in the same grade as me.

Well I'm going to eat dinner now, BYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYE


Like I said, not very long, correct? Entries 2-6 are just every now and then updates about school, and then. . .

Well take a peek at entry seven.

Entry 7

Dear diary, I think somebody is watching me, Mommy and Daddy, it feels like there's someone else in the house(COME ON PEOPLE! Who else could this be?).

I love my parents, I'm scared to go to bed at night because I think someone will kidnap me. Mommy tells me to just pray, and it helps alot, but only for a few hours.


And that was a preview of Entry Seven, it goes on and on, for a few pages before Entry Eight. I'll try to spare you the consecutive post and just get Two-Six up tommorow.

 -Dennis, the Core.


  1. An interesting find. You hope can discover more from it.

  2. Please pot the date of the journal, if Harold was one the kids in the photo then it might contain clues to why the Stirling City Library was set on fire.


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