Out From The Black Forest.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Good Night. Sleep Tight.

So I guess this is a free Blog now, huh? Sad. I thought He had big plans for the hatchling. I guess not, seeing that beat-down. 

So what's going on people?

Everybody having a good time?

Question, did everyone know Yggdrasil sucks so hard? His job was to draw out "He that is" and keep him occupied. That fight lasted Ten Minutes tops. 

It was nice though. I had front row seats. I was so close I could see the blood fly out of the little boy's mouth. Then he tried to escape through the Other Side. 

Luckily I was one step ahead of him. I stopped him and finished the job myself. Kelly, Dennis, whatever you want to call the freak should be a broken mess flowing down the river right about now. It's hard to run with thirteen thousand volts of electricity flowing through your brain.

Scheduled post, what a great idea. Not that they really helped. Well what else is there? Ah, I'll let them tell you.



  1. Fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you!

  2. You're such a liar! If he really is a hatchling, then...and he's...strong...he can't be killed that easily! I don't believe it. *Joce

  3. I call bullshit. But if he did go down...

    Then he went down fighting.

  4. itseesyoutored


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