Out From The Black Forest.

Friday, March 4, 2011

Twisted Hours

Woah wait. What?

Okay, this Blog's URL is still active. What. . .the fuck?

Listen, I've arrived safely. I did have to ask around for what year it was and where I was exactly before stealing some college kids laptop. It's . . .2010, and I'm in New York City. Weird, I should've ended up in Texas right ? Then again, if the person who used Yggdrasil before me is here, then I suppose it's for the best. Slendy says that it's hard to miss a person who is using the Yggdrasil, I have no idea what he meant by that but, it's whatever. I'll find the guy or girl who tampered with the tree and put an end to them.

I doubt this post will go through, seeing as how the URL shouldn't even EXIST, but if it does, I hope everyone's okay.

EDIT: I just realized, I stole some guy's laptop! Just to surf the web. I needlessly changed the course of history. FUCK. I'm an IDIOT! Just in case this post DOES go through, I don't want to risk the possibility of losing contact with anyone(then again I'd probably be talking to people in the past). So I've made a blog from my current timeline: http://timetravelworkscopperandchrome.blogspot.com/

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