Out From The Black Forest.

Sunday, March 20, 2011


Well according to Reach there are no such thing as Revenants, then again, the Slender Man COULD be messing with him. I've never gotten the Revenant transformation right and I think. . .I think it's because the Slender Man has just been tricking me into beating people to a pulp and leaving them for dead.

I've never SEEN a conduit, so that's no shocker.

My powers are still fine, but Dennis hasn't talked to me in forever, and quite frankly I'd trade the tentacles for him.

I have to show Nil What You Are In The Dark, before I continue my travel plans. He's.  .  .well he's the only person who I feel like, appreciates me for me. I don't think he put up with me because of the Blogosphere, I mean, at first I did, but then we hung out more, and I actually feel like I have my first real friend.

Enough of this post, Gotta go!

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