Out From The Black Forest.

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Monty on the Run

We've just gotten back, and I've been checking blog post via sub realms but uh. . .

I didn't see Brennon's post still didn't show up till we got back to his and Aiden's place.

Okay, I'm fairly creeped out now.

Hurry and check up on him dude. I'll be there in a few.


  1. Just stay in the house and you'll be safe. Slendy's keeping an eye on the boundaries. Todd should be prowling around as well. Just stay in and you'll be safe. Taben and Ry should be there.

    I've just given Taben permissions to post in my blog if he ever wishes to.

    Just be careful. I can't go t o Aiden until visiting hours which are only 5-8 in the area he's in. Which sucks. But he *should* be safe. where he is. Should being the key word.

    No wait.... never mind. I'm really tempted to have Slendy get Aiden and bring him home.

    I saw you were planning on investigating. You find anything we may have missed last night?

  2. Not much. Just a torn card. Acid started crying over how badly it was treated, there was blood on it. Four of spades.

    We just left it there, and continued walking, other than the card there were trees with jagged bent spikes stabbed into them, and various dead squirrels. Wanna take a guess at what happened? Because I don't.

  3. No, not really. Sounds like someone was really angry. what do you mean by spikes? Doesn't sound fun.

    Wait a card? like a playing card? Who's Acid? Or do I wanna ask that? This thing I was supposed to sit in for was canceled so I'm going to head to the hospital and see if they'll let me in to see Aiden early. Probably not but it's worth a try, right?

  4. Go for it.

    As in spikes I mean the things that jam logging machines, they aren't hammered in well and bent and jagged.

    And yeah a playing card.


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