Out From The Black Forest.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Divide By Zero

So I'm sure everyone has read Search And Reveal? Well if you haven't you're a jerk, and you need to right now, The Land of Black Leaves and Casting Aside My Sins plus Ron's blog also detail what happened during our rescue operation.

Another video was posted on Nil's YouTube channel asking what it's like in Boston? And "Don't you want to know where it came from?"

I'm heading to Europe. I've got some things I'd like to Investigate, and that would be the best Continent to start with, but I think I'll head home first, not to visit my parents, I'm not going to reveal what I'll be doing there. And to any Proxies who are so sure I'm going to visit my parents then just try to kill them. See if I care. The years of physical and verbal abuse I endured in that house make Slender Man and Red's vicious beatings look like a walk in the park, I could care less about anything you do to those people.

Anyway, Pete, Black Leaf, Slice, Ron, best of luck.

Same goes for you too, Kaiju, Matt, Liam, Johnathan, Shelby, Bran, Frap, Joce, Astrid, TJ, and God if I forgot anyone please forgive me. I want to keep this post short.

I guess there's nothing to say but peace out now huh?

Sincerely yours, Yggdrasil


  1. Best of luck. Keep us posted.

  2. Ah, I see what you're doing. Well, good luck. Be very careful. If I'm right, then what you're up to is a delicate operation.

  3. IggdrasilCore, thank you for all you've done. Bless you.

  4. Yg, it's been real. Good luck.


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