Out From The Black Forest.

Friday, March 4, 2011


With my childhood. I haven't been on this thing in seventeen years...

Since I found out Ron died.

Since I took the deep dive.

I come bearing a message before I go.

In One Week from Monday,  March 14, everything will be deleted from this Blog, by the Intruder, someone who the Slender Man has greatly wronged, someone who wants revenge.

I cannot say too much, if I interfere with the outcome of History, well things might get a little worse on my end. If anyone is reading this in 2011, there is no hope for survival. Say goodbye to all of your friends, and make these last few days count.

Goodbye, forever yours, Yggdrasil.


  1. I am not giving up. You stupid time traveller, you.

  2. Whoa. ALL of our friends? And we're going to die. Holy shebang. That's not good news. NO giving up. Okay? Promise? *Joce

  3. I meant survival of identity. Who said anything about death?

  4. Well, you should have SAID something before you scared us...But if our identities die, doesn't that basically amount to the same thing? *Joce

  5. Well, great, then! /sarcasm *Joce

  6. If and when our identities die all we have to do is make new ones. Hell if I lose mine I'll make a new one just to continue to spit in Slendy's ugly mug.


Messages to ignore later...