Out From The Black Forest.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011



As soon as I get on the road with Slender I lose all sense of morale. It's fun to kill, you should try it sometime. AND AND AND, it means I have a head start on the challenge Morningstar indirectly imposed on me.

One two three...

Okay that's eleven. Six runners, five people Slendy and I just found out camping. No I did NOT have any help. I'm a big boy after all.

 I'll get one more and I'll aim to make Noland the Thirteenth.


  1. I was working BEFORE you imposed the challenge on me.

  2. Oh. Then get to work painting the streets red. HeheheheheHAHAHAHAHA I Cannot WAIT to witness the aftermath...

  3. . . .Well you're going to have to.

  4. I do wonder what it's like sometimes. I can't help but be curious. Slendy visited me for a bit today while I was at the park. I tried to get him to kill one of the deer for me. He wouldn't. He just looked at me oddly. I think I confused him.

    Have fun Yggy. Lemme know how it goes. Maybe one day I can come join you.

  5. Shut the fuck up Aiden. You're getting married, you'd be too easy to manipulate, no fun you get it?

  6. So... let me get this strait. Because I am getting married I'm not allowed to ask questions and know what it looks like when Slender Man kills? Or is there more to it?

    Color me confused. If this is the case why does Slnedy hav so much interst in us? Why does he come around so often? And if I am too easy to 'manipulate' why hasn't He done so already? I thought that was Slender Man's way?

  7. No No No, see Slendy I have our differences, and as long as we're in a mutual partnership HE can turn you, or show you what it's like when he kills. But I don't want you around.

    Marriage gives me an edge. It gives him one too, Lucy to Black Leaf, Brennon to you.

    Maybe just MAYBE he's trying to break you up. Honestly who would trust someone Slendy has an interest in. . .but that's probably not it.

  8. I guess we should just not trust little 8 year old Allen, since Slendy has admitted to having the most interest in him then :3

    Slendy has had more than enough time to break me. And he has yet to do so. He saved me from his evil twin entity thing. If he wants to break me why would he do it? Or is it the simple fact he wants to break me and not let the other one do it.

    A lot to think about there really.

    Then again, maybe you're jealous that Daddy wants to play with me more than you... then again, you don't seem like the jealous type.

  9. Well the thing IS, the Slendy WE know is not my father. It's the one you call "The evil Twin."

    I refer to the Slender Man as daddy in a sarcastic tone because he led me on for an incredibly long amount of time.

    Uhm, Aiden, don't get fucking snippy with me alright? I'll shit your soul out.

  10. More food for thought. I was under the impression Slendy was your daddy. My bad.

    So, you mind asking the evil twin why he keeps fucking with me? I don't really like it and it's got Brennon watching over me like a protective mother hen. It's pretty shitty really.

    And, sweetie? I'm not getting snippy. You'll know when I'm getting snippy. :3

  11. No, I probably won't know when you're getting snippy because it seems like you are now.

    And no, we're not on the best of terms. Hell Slendy's a better parent. And a wee bit less scary, to be around. At least I can make quips with Slendy without automatically getting jumped at.

    And I was under that impression for a while too. He did nothing to disuade me from it.

  12. Hmm... very intersting. Cutiosity killed the rat I suppose. Thanks for answeing my questions and such. You've given me a lot to think on.

  13. Curiostity killed the rat? Oh fuck you.

  14. I was referring to myself, silly. Anyone who knows me knows I identify with rodents.

  15. I'm not into pedophilia, thank you.

  16. Fuck You, doesn't mean CAN I FUCK YOU It means go fuck yourself. Which means- well you know.


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