Out From The Black Forest.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The Old School

This is fricken epic.

So, it would appear that a few older bloggers have come back. Apparently they're off the deep end and are after Runners . I think this is pretty cool.

Now hold on a second and let me explain why.

Everyone who's ever put their hope into these people is now being hunted by them(though in the case of Fizzbomb I highly doubt she's telling the truth whens he says she has to kill people now.)

Now, another reason for why this is cool. None of the actual Proxies have to do anything, meaning the now just-as-bad-as-them Runners may still be able to contribute to the death toll. But not before taking out their former heroes first.

It's a pretty boss move all things considered. I wonder exactly how long this has been planned? Hell it may not have been planned in the least, it may have just been one of those spur of the moment choices.


  1. Wait wait wait. Who's come back? Othr than Zero? I ,eam... I'm not too familiar with anyone. bt.. when you say old school I think Damien... or.. or... that other one. I can't remember his name. I'm too damned tiered.

  2. I am not familiar with them. I'll have to find them and do a binge later.

    I'm so fucking tiered from last night that it's not funny.

  3. Fizzbomb was apparently a very courageous fighter and investigator.

    Or so the Wolf says.

    It appears she does not know much herself. I may have to look into this as well.

  4. Why did you help us before if we're no better than the proxies? Why did you partake in two attempts to help me, a runner, then?

  5. don't think there's not a bullseye on your back, Hellfire. Where there are Runners, there are Proxies. And those Proxies do hate it when someone tries to intervene in a corruption.

    Figure it out.


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