Out From The Black Forest.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Mad Axe

So my search for Nil has taken a turn for the worse, I've delayed going back to my Hometown, which will remain, unnamed. Safety and all of that crap.

Anyway, I went back to the Proxy house that I was taken to after I was taken from Liam.

The entire place was deserted and it looked like a tornado had come through.

This was on the floor in front of the stairs, a lot of blood on it.

After walking around I realized I was not al(X)ne in the building and decided to go. It was a mansion, a very large place, easy to get lost in. When I got to the top of the stairs I saw a hulking brute, made of muscle with an axe that his hand made seem tiny. Anyway. He had a mask, wooden, designed like those theatre things that smile and frown, I DON'T KNOW. It was painted sky blue and tied snug onto  his face. And he saw me too, I know he did.

He charged me like a rocket, I have no idea how someone so big could be so fast. A major fight ensued between the two of us.

Mad Axe(which is what I'll call him.): *comes running up the stairs*PROXY!

Me:*panicking, ducking to avoid having my head cleaved off before sprinting down the hall* Woah! Chill! I'm not a Proxy.

MA: Proxy, PROXY!*he slices the banister in half , while I head through a door.* Die!

Me: *watching the door get cleaved in half*Holy shit! HOLY FUCKING SHIT! *I dive through another hallway connected by another door, winding up the master bedroom.*

MA:*is cutting through everything like butter, and eventually reaches me.*

Me: *barely evading the swings of this crazy man. *Wow, Okay is that all you got?

I was NOT in a boasting position, but I couldn't help myself.


Me: Do you see a man around?

At this time I reeled back my fist and shot it forward, not for a punch, but I opened my palm and released a tentacle from it which tore through the man like a bullet, a large bullet, before zooming back into me at a pace that made my hand sting when it closed up again.

MA: *Currently stunned and unable to move, he's just gapping at the bloody hole running through him as his knees shake.*

Me: I like to call that the Straight And Narrow.

MA: Proxy. Proxy.  .  .

Me: I regret that, my sudden burst of anger and fear made me lose control. In short, I'm stupid. I wanted to ask why you were charging me like an idiot, but it looks like you're losing too much blood. Well. . . damn this was quic-

He punched me in my gut which sent me staggering backwards onto the frankly destroyed bed. I have to say it was a nice bed  before the axe got to it.

MA:*gets to his feet clutching his chest, and rams be with his shoulder sending us onto the balcony, he attempted to do it again only for me to step to the side.*

Me:What the FUCK? He can move?*watching him fall to the ground from the balcony, and crawl away*

Me: Goddammit, hey wait up man come back.

I'm ashamed to say I let him flee into the woods, Slender's territory, MY territory too, it should have been cake to track him down before. .  .well you can sort of guess what happened. By the time I found him he was strung up in a tree by his own innards.

Me: Yo wait. . . up, GREAT! Cool, wow, I had questions I wanted to ask you. And now not even Slendy's around.  .  .this area is too populated, I've got to get the fuck out of here.

I went back to the mansion and dug around the place for a Proxy disguise before heading into the Other Side and coming up in Seattle. I know this may sound unbelievable given the circumstances but, I have to say Mad Axe is dead, I saw for myself. And to those who question the existence of Mad Axe, maybe my mind WAS playing tricks on me, all I know is that he was angry, and afraid. I've pretty much figured out the cause for the later and possibly the former too. I just. . .I wonder if he killed the Proxies that were housed at the Mansion.

Edit: And now I'm on the Lone Hunter's list. Cool. Cool.


  1. Well... The mad men sure seem to be coming out of the woodwork lately. Between Morningstar, Lone Hunter, and Mad Axe, we're pretty much up to our elbows in them, and they'll keep coming. A lovely thought.

  2. Thank You Black Leaf. I feel OH SO MUCH BETTER after that comment.

  3. I feel the same way when they say things like that, Ygg. [pats]

    ~ Branwen


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