Out From The Black Forest.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Father's light is getting brighter.

Email. For you?

There is NO such thing as time travel. Alright? Sorry Kelly gave you the delusion he could time travel, it's impossible. Yggdrasil does not exist. Because I have emailed you this, I expect you to post it on your Blog, Kelly. When the Slender Man took you to the tree "of life" after the beast escaped(and YES it was after the beast escaped.) he invaded your mind. He knew the entire time. He wanted you to let go of your past life. You're no longer a fighter, and I guess I have to accept that.

I didn't want to be a slave, a tool. I am, The Intruder, everyone. Yggdrasil has been hallucinating ever since Beast On The Prowl, maybe even before then, I honestly don't keep up with my Other Side's blog that well.

I somehow, fortunately, deterred the Slender Man's goals. I was able to directly communicate with Kelly. And well, I lost control. I posted on Twisted Hours, before the Slender Man upped the anti with the invasion of Kelly's mind. I fear I am about to fade out. Here is what happened on our first and final confrontation.

Let the transcript role.


The Intruder: You made it.

Kelly: I'm. Bringing. You. Back.

The Intruder: NO. You will NOT. You will no longer be. COME TOGETHER! RIGHT NOW! With your BETTER half.

Kelly: What?

The Intruder: You still do not understand? Well I won't let him win. This traversing time? This is all. . .an elaborate. RUSE. Why do you think the urge to use Yggdrasil was so strong! I am. . .the last remnant of all that is RIGHTEOUS. I will forever be the light in your eternal DARKNESS. Your shroud of growing SHADOWS!

Kelly:*gripping his skull* I don't understand.

The Intruder: I WILL ESCAPE! THE DARK NEST THAT IS YOUR MIIIIIIIND! *I just kept screaming like this. I don't know why.*

 Kelly: This. . .this isn't real is it?

The Intruder: These are the HOURS of your TWISTED MIND!

Kelly: This is why. . .he's been messing with me the whole time, just like with my memories? He's been inside of my mind.

The Intruder: *removing the red mask I was wearing, to reveal our identical faces.* Your mind is a train wreck, a mess, it is ABSOLUTELY  uninhabitable.

Kelly: I don't. . .I don't*sweating now*

The Intruder: You do not need to understand ANYTHING! FAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAADE*seeing as how we were inside of our shared minds, I figured I could do anything. I WAS RIGHT! His body quickly became enveloped in bright red lightening the same lightening I ONCE FEARED WOULD OVER TAKE ME!*


My short lived moment of glory was sent to hell, when he appeared. He fractured this diseased, damaged psyche even further. My Intruder persona was sent flying into the deep recesses of our mind, making me an even more incomplete being, but I managed to claw my way back UP. If only to say farewell, I am being repressed further down into the DEEP! While Kelly suffers at his "father's"hand.

 I'm in hell. THIS. IS. A. NIGHTMARE.

   -Dennis, The fractured core.

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  1. It's okay, you can get out of this. just be strong.


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