Out From The Black Forest.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Deep Red

Have you ever tried driving an RV through the Other Side? Yggdrasil, another proxy(edit: My name is Shark dammit. S.H.A.R.K) , and I all have. It. Was. Awesome. We're in Boston now, and Yggdrasil is healing up nice. He can move so I guess I'll let him on the computer now. Bye everybody. . .everybody. Dammit Dennis.

Now it's time for a real post. From a real man.>:|

Hey guys, sorry I haven't been able to make anything more than a short update. Redlight took over my blog and actually commented with my account. It's, it's just making me angry. And now I have Empty Eyes leaving cryptic stuff about how he "Told her about me", on my Blog. It's not something about myself I feel like acknowledging, so could we all just keep away from the H word on Copper and Chrome? Please? Please?!
And can Nil stop throwing Jelly Beans at the back of my head, when I try to post dammit. It's infuriating. I can't use my powers unless I need to though, not unless I want to run the risk of messing with my (mild as fuck ) accelerated healing. That means no ass-whoopings from me today.

Dennis wants to talk a bit.

 Hi Everybody. . . Everybody. Everybody. OW. Do.Do.Do.OW. I'm hooked on that song. I won't let Kelly take it off of loop. How are you guys? Lemme know, quick, before I get worried.

- YggdrasilCore


  1. Hey, you three! :D Nil, that does sound awesome. Ygg, glad you're feeling better! You had everyone worried... Den! I'm doing ok, better than usual. And you?

  2. Dennis is fine. Nobody ever ask about the guy driving

    - Shark

  3. Horrible. Babysitting these two idiots is such a chore.

    - Shark.

    PS: And putting Shark at the end of everything is so annoying and tedious.

  4. Good to see everyone's okay.

    I'll have to try driving an RV through the Other Side some time.

  5. um, ygg, could you help me with something?

  6. Hi. Nice to hear from all of you. Feel better Ygg.

  7. @ TJ what do you need?

    Thanks Sparrow.


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