Out From The Black Forest.

Friday, March 4, 2011

I am not amused.

Someone deleted several post on Copper and Chrome, this is not what I wanted to return to.

Anyway, if you're keeping up with my Time Travel blog, Twisted Hours, which I'm still surprised works(and people commented on) I'm back. Well, not for long. I've got to go back to Yggdrasil. I found the Intruder, but before I could even start a confrontation I was sent hurdling through time back to the present.

I can't shake the feeling something's off. Besides Johnathan running Borderline, but...  something ELSE. Man. . .I hope I didn't mess up anything in the Timeline.

And by the way, I posted a LOT on Twisted Hours, but there's only a few post on there... I think someone. . .deleted them. But. . .who?

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  1. Greeeeeat. Timeline fun. Yay. /sarcasm mode/


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