Out From The Black Forest.

Saturday, March 26, 2011


Aiden's working on his art, so I suppose I'll post here.

That's a picture of Burn Fireblaze or Burn Phoenix(no this isn't what Aiden is drawing I don't know what he's working on EXACTLY). I stole one before I got here yesterday. It's a pretty cool stamina type. And well. . .I didn't STEAL it. I just left the money inside of the package and took the parts without going to the register. . . .SO I DID PAY.

I'm sort of bored though. Not that Brennon and Aiden aren't gracious host. It's just I want to actually USE this Bey.

Hmm I wonder if there's going to be an official tournament any time soon. Have there ever been? I'd be surprised if there haven't.


  1. I'm sorry it's utterly boring here. It'll be more fun when Bran and her crew get here. They're running late. Hope everything's alright.

    And hey, as long as you pay for it, right? Though... you might sucker punch me for this. What the hell IS it?

  2. Whatever it is, it looks awesome.


    How could you not know?!

    I had beyblades. :D

    ~ Branwen

  4. I suck, that's how. I suck so hard. So I don't knw about any of the fun stuff... other than pokemon anyways.

  5. Aiden one of these days I'm going to buy you Storm Pegasus105RF.


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