Out From The Black Forest.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Empty Urban Legends

Let's just get this shit over with.

Entry 2 - May 3 1986

Well, I'm going to fourth grade next year with daVid, we both can't waIt.

I wish I had something to say Cool to say dearesT diary, but everything has been pretty bOring so faR.  David seems sad. Maybe I should bring him some of my moms cookies.

Entry 3 - May 10 1986

Sorry diary, I haven't wrote in a whi(tear drops on the page smudge the damn words, but I guess, this is while.)David and his mommy died when I wrote that stUpid last page. I was woRried about my friend, because he was dad. I didn't want this to happen. This isn't fair. And now David's daddy is holding some sort of Grudge against mE. I'm so sad. Nobody else would ever talk to me now. Not only do people think I'm bad but now they think I'm bad luck. I miss you David.

Entry 4 - May 12 1986

i dont even care What people thInk about me. Sticks and stones may break my bones, but with lots of miLk words wilL never hurt me.

Entry 5 - May 13 1986

 I keep having dreams about David and the man in the suit that found him and his m(X)ther.  They make me sad. And worst of all I think I'm getting sick. Mommy and Daddy will take care of me right? Or do they think I'm bad luck too?

Entry 6 - May 16 1986

Today I made friends with Ms. Mary Thomas. She's so nice to me and my classmates. She gave me my own camera. I think everyone else was jealous. I hope we see her again.

Entry 7 - May 20 1986

Dear diary, I think somebody is watching me, Mommy and Daddy, it feels like there's someone else in the house(COME ON PEOPLE! Who else could this be?).

I love my parents, I'm scared to go to bed at night because I think someone will kidnap me. Mommy tells me to just pray, and it helps alot, but only for a few hours.
The trees keep scratching the windows and the radio keeps playing the same song. It's a babyish lullaby. It's the same song and I just want it to STOP!(first time I can see Harold lose it. This is written darker and underlined, a lot.)


I didn't DO ANYTHING! It's not my fault so GO AWAY. I'm a good boy. I try to do good in school. I do what my parents say. I try to be nice to everyone! WHY ARE YOU BOTHERING ME? GO AWAY GO AWAY PLEASE GO AWAY GO AWAY. GO AWAY(and like Dennis said it goes on like this until entry eight, he's blaming his friend for his situation. Remind you of anyone?)



  1. And...this was in the suitcase that Redlight had, correct?

    Random theory: Assuming Harold wasn't...brutally killed, could the Redlight be Harold?

    ~ Branwen

  2. That's exactly what I'm starting to think.

  3. "victor ure ill"

    all of the misplaced capitals


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