Out From The Black Forest.

Sunday, March 27, 2011


I don't know why I felt the need to schedule this message...

So Aiden's siblings have arrived.

I almost thought they were them. They might be but I doubt it for some reason. The two other Hatchlings. I had a suspicion they would be twins because life is like that sometimes.

Well Slendy doesn't know. He knows we've never met them or we would've died apparently, but he doesn't know who they are.

I had a talk with Dad last night, managed to slip away last night into the Backyard. I don't. . .really care if anyone saw me.

T.D.O: Come we're going.

Me: Wait. . .no way in hell! I like it here. It's a Safe Haven.

T.D.O: Haven's are always destroyed eventually!

Me: Wow. . .that makes it sound like you're going to attempt to do something.

T.D.O: I do not attempt, I succeed!

Me: Cool story. Hey listen, do you know where Nil is?

T.D.O: Of course I do. I personally saw to it that you wouldn't see each other again.

Me: What!? What did you DO?

T.D.O: I ask the questions Hatchling. Don't step out of your place ANYMORE than you already HAVE!

At this point I really wanted to hurt him, and he knew it, he was egging me on, daring me to do something.

I didn't accept. I went back inside and tried to calm down.

Where the fucking hell is Nil? I swear if he's been killed I'll...


  1. ...If that's how the bloody bastard wants to play...

    Ygg, just be careful what you do. Be really frakkin' careful. He's trying to trick you, You obviously know it. As long as you're here, you're under my protection. And in turn under Da's (my Da's not yours... Gods that's confusing).

    You can stay here as long as you want.

    And.. why did you think my brother and sister were them? the other Hatchlings. I'm sure the others are twins but. yeah. Huh.. I wonder.. would they even have a female? Sinc it seems everyone's male. Aside from It. I have no clue what It is.

  2. Apparently one IS a female, Slendy just can't find her because something her brother is doing. Thanks...for letting me stay.

  3. I'm just putting this out there, but, since you also referred to the dark one as ///It/// and since that particular being must be the same one that's been threatening Sandra and company, do you think slendy could be using you to get closer to the dark one to kill him somehow? In Sandra's blog slendy specifically says he's gona kill ///It/// or the dark one or whatever you wana call him. Perhaps you've already thought of this or perhaps I'm totally wrong, its just a theory.

  4. Seterra- Oh, oh I know that Slendy can hurt It. But it can hurt Slendy as well. We have to be careful how we handle things. We don't want the greater of the two evils to be the one to win in a battle. Slowly but surely we'll figure this all out.

  5. Yeah I'm not killing my dad. I'm his direct heir, and if he goes that means I've got to step up to the hunt. OF COURSE Slendy could've been lying to me about that...

  6. And rest assure, I'd very much like to hunt, just not yet.

  7. Why are you so obsessed with the hunt? Why with all the killing. It serves no purpose.

  8. Correct me if I'm wrong but did I not just say "I'm not ready to hunt and don't want to take over my dad's?"

  9. And then you said "And rest assure, I'd very much like to hunt, just not yet." So it's a contradicting conundrum.... at least in my mind.

  10. I'm going to do it. I want to. I just don't feel like it RIGHT NOW. God dammit.

  11. ..k... don't have to rip my head off or anything...

  12. Do you really feel any kind of attachment to ///It///? Given what slendy's said about him in the past, slendy clearly has animosity towards ///It///. I can't help but wonder why slendy would prepare you to be ///It///'s successor if he wants ///It/// gone. Unless, of course, he's given up on that in the few months its been since he said he'd kill ///It/// on Sandra's blog. I don't know...its just interesting to think about.


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