Out From The Black Forest.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Yeah I know I need to tell everyone what happened with another Heaven's Grace, I'll do it later.

I'm getting out of here, fuck it. I don't need to be picked apart under some microscope and called obsessed. I'm going . . .somewhere I don't know.

Peace. Go to hell. Whatever, bye.


  1. Wait, what?! I wasn't trying to. I swear to it. I'm sorry... really... just.. ugh.

    I'm sorry. I really fucked up this time. Dammit.

  2. Yo, uh, dude where are you, because it is cold and I am scared. . .and also shirtless.

  3. I'm sorry my brother's an absolute moron sometimes :( Can you drive or do you need a ride or something? I can have a friend I have up in that area get you out of there if need be. I mean in the case that Aiden's an ass and won't drive you himself. Take care and I hope we get to meet up again.

  4. Your comment went to spam Candy, it's cool. I was being a little dickish too. Thanks for the concern though. Anyway now Aiden's hurt.


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