Out From The Black Forest.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Hellfire Part 1

It's one of those Transcripts.

- - -

Three Hours after the discovery that the spear had been taken.

Me: Well that's it. You know, the thief if probably left Seattle, I'm willing to bet they're on Blogger.

S: It's just like the Black Times.

Me: You'll have to set aside a few hours for Story Time.

S: Impossible. You. Interested in the history of our kin?

Me: I'm mixing it up today. I feel different. Hey, out of curiosity how many are there. . .y'know like us.

S: You. Myself. Your father. And three others.

Me: Three?

S: Just three more you haven't met. In fact. . .I believe we should seek out our kin.

Me: Why? We need to look for that spear thing so we don't fucking die.

S: We most certainly will. The Hunt has already been interrupted far too many times, the Feast has been postponed, and this will not stand.

Me: Right. . .

S: I'm leaving this place. Come along if you'd like.

We then entered the Other Side and began heading. . .eastward I think.

Me: Where are we going?

S tilts his head to the side, and I can feel him digging around in my mind to find a certain word or concept.

S: We have. . .errands to run?

Me: Oh...that's going to suck isn't it.

S: I'm simply finishing up one of the prey.

Me: Oh I get it. Alright well. I'm going to have some fun.

S: Try not to go to the extreme when hunting.

Me: You have your concepts and I have mine. You go scare someone to death, I'll go rip some arms off, and we'll meet back in the woods.

He left and I exited the Other Side as well, growing in stature and watching my clothes melt into my skin and shift around until I was clad in a grey suit with a black tie. I made my facial features sink inside of my head along with my ears and closed my mouth.

I then proceeded to go on the wonderful killing spree I informed Morningstar of before his request.

I like killing. A lot. It's . . .an extraordinary feeling. To have someone's life hanging by a thread and then snipping said thread.


  1. You're going down a pretty dark road, man, and not even the brightest fires of Hell can light it up.

  2. Oh, Frap. Hmm going to tell us ME ME ME what's wrong now?

  3. Think about this. Is it your will? Or does he only want you to think it is?


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