Out From The Black Forest.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Hellfire Part 2

Several hours before What? While I thought the others were sleeping.

I remember. That's when I met Daddy Dearest. The Dark One. ///It///

He was looking for his hatchling. And when Slender offered me up. He didn't like what he saw. Lashed out in anger, anger anger, so much rage.


Me: I don't understand. I thought.......I wait come on you're not my dad?

S: -shakes his head-

Me: And that. . him.. . .he's not native to Texas?

S-smacks the back of my head-

Me: I deserved that. I deserved that.

You know how everyone says Slender's voice is so smooth and melodic? I heard the exact opposite of that and it damn near made me wet myself.

T.D.O(the Dark One): You've spoiled him. He'll never mature correctly now. Where is my Hatchling!? I will. I will not be deprived of an heir! What have you done with him? Take your spawn away from my sight.

S: I've done nothing to spoil him, he will not heed my warnings, he will not listen, he sides with Prey of his Prey, against his own kin. No, not mine. Yours.

T.D.O: -shoves Slendy and grabs me by the hair dragging me over to a large lake a few inches from where we met. He had plans to drown me. And let me tell you he almost did.-

The Slender Man must've gotten me away from him at some point, because I felt my head being pulled up from water. But we were in a bathtub in my old apartment in Boston, I didn't say anything. I went back to the others.

We needed to get Ron and Cerberus out, and the Slender Man probably knew we were going to try to enter the ruins.

He gave me a blanket before he left. Not that I got any sleep.

Is it wrong to hope that Aiden's related to me in some way?

I despise being the only known Hatchling, it's not. . .fair that I have to get sucked into all of this crap. If Aiden were around...things would be a whole lot easier.


  1. Wouldn't they have told me by now? And they said you had never met the others.

    How old are you? Does age matter? I wish Slender would talk to me. I ask questions and he just looks at me, thoughfully. As though contemplating.

    I'm so uncertain. I'm so confused. I'm angry, empty. Pissed beyond belief. But at the same time.

    I'm reeally fucking scared.

  2. I felt the same way before I left home with Liam, scared, uncertain, instead of angry I was just curious.

    Maybe he's trying to be certain. I think...I think he wants you to be his. But it doesn't make sense? Why can't he tell his own apart from the Dark One's?

  3. Who was Liam. What were they to you?

    I have no idea. I... really need to think.
    Really need to just... think.

    I'm going to actually go to the park now.
    He's been trying to convince me. Says it'll hal me feel better.

    I like hearing his voice in my head. So soothing.

  4. I do too. Liam was . . .a big brother to me. I don't think he felt the same way but. . .

  5. It's alright. You're not alone. You can share my family. They haven't backed from me before, I doubt they'd back from me now.

    It'll be alright.


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