Out From The Black Forest.

Friday, March 18, 2011

No Way

In hell will I let Shark find out anything about Pete or Slice. Suck my lower left back tentacle if you want to be a grumpy old dickweed.

Anyway, I'm fine everyone, changed the password and all that. Ron. . .we'll save you.


  1. What's your lower left back tentacle taste like?

  2. If he wants to know about me, he can.

    Just don't tell them about the operation.

    I don't really give a fuck about myself. And before someone tries to squeeze for information, I don't know anything more then you do.

  3. We're here if you need us. We'd love to help, and don't really have anything better to do at the moment.

  4. Good. Stay the course, guys. Some...troubling events have taken place. You can read the details on "The Land of Black Leaves" and my blog. Remain calm. The operation will still go as planned.


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