Out From The Black Forest.

Monday, July 4, 2011


So I'm back. Sorry I've been gone for two months. I feel great, despite the fact that I have little to no Idea where I am. Sure the door is locked from the outside and I can't get out. Sure I don't have any access to my powers right now. Sure the Wifi signal is incredibly weak. The point is I'm alive.

Can someone tell me what exactly is going on. I hear fireworks outside. According to my last post I left in May and now it's the Fourth of July. And who the hell is posting on my blog??

Wait, that was rude. How IS everyone doing? Dead? 'live? Mad? Raging?

Man it's cold in here. No matter how many times I bang on this door no-one is answering. Tiny, dinky little room with a crappy light. I'm bored and hungry, and a little confused.

Edit: PS, why doesn't it say Hellfire where my name should be anymore?

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Ouch. That's got to sting.

Reduced back down to nothing. I have completed my quest. I think I'll conform to stereotypes and begin Blogging.

Thursday, May 5, 2011


Remember that Spear I mentioned a little while back? The one that had He and I shaking in our boots?(Not that I wear boots. Boots wouldn't go with my SHORT SHORTS). Well there's more than one. We destroyed one and the others... I think I know who took them. Not Darky, no, it was that fucking red head from that fight. She and her brother must've gotten a hold of it sometime before said fight, otherwise Big D would have taken it I'm sure. Then again, He mentioned that when that spear comes in contact with Those Like Us it burns relentlessly. Injuries delivered upon to us cannot be healed as per usual. So that means she couldn't have taken it, I mean wouldn't it hurt her hand? I probably should have paid more attention when he was explaining the entire thing.

But anyway, as to how I know, well I saw her. Out by the woods. We looked right at each other, and it was impossible to miss that God Forsaken weapon in her hand. I cannot believe I let her escape. I cannot believe that I'm going to die. She's going to come after me. I know it. Oh God I going to die. No, no I'm suppose to be immortal. I don't die. I don't curl up and die. I'm Hellfire. I'm Yggdrasil. I'm a god. I'm invincible. Wait, okay, I have an idea. I'll find her before she finds me. I'll STEAL the element of surprise.

Saturday, April 30, 2011

Wouldn't it suck if...

It just like started POURING. If it. If it just like, started RAINING IT'S [dedacted] ASS OFF.(excuse my language)

...Dear God...I hope I didn't jinx this shit. I could never face Brennon or Aiden again.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Well it's Good to be Back.

Did you know every time you use the stick it ditches your ass? At first I thought I just lost it when I went to It's little castle pocket world(he's got a dungeon full of "special" kids from all over. Pretty decent collection, absolutely fabulous, I'm talking like, melt in your mouth fabulous).

Anyway I was starting to freak out, I thought I'd never get back again, the trees are all black over on his side so it's difficult to know exactly which stick is which. Luckily the stick changes color depending on which side you're on. Black here, white over there.

But now that I escaped, I lost the damn thing, I was only planning to use it to get away from his...whatever they're called. I wanted to go back. I'll find it eventually though, after I curl up for a nice, well deserved, mind altering, wonderful, nap.

Saturday, April 23, 2011


So I figured out what T.D.O's been hiding. They're like, some sort of mutated human. SSpecial humans that he's taken interest in, not humans that we barbecue up.

They're charcoal black, twisted and deformed. No head but lots of eyes on their distorted mangled bodies. Long arms. And...weird teeth.

Fox did you know about these things? If so please tell me how to run away from one. Rapido por favor.